New Campaign

It looks like I am going to start running a new campaign next week. My group has been kind enough to let me take a two year hiatus from running games and now I am refreshed with a bunch of new ideas. I will be running a WitchCraft campaign based in New Orleans. This will take place after Katrina in October of 2005. I will post more details soon. Also if you want to check out the amazing game from Eden Studios you can find it here and the main book can be downloaded here for free!

OrcCon 2015 – Thank you

Thank you all for a great convention! I was in a number of great games and had the amazing opportunity to play test two new games. Both of which I plan on getting when the kickstarters go up. This was also the first year in a long time that I haven’t run a game and I was able to get into six games as well as finally play a couple of board games I have been looking at. It was a great time and thank you to the Doctor Who convention at the next hotel for letting me gate crash and wander around for a little while.

OrcCon 2015

Well OrcCon 2015 ( is just two days away and this is the first time in many years I am not running games. I am really looking forward to getting to try out a couple of new systems and hopefully get in a DnD 5e game. Hope to see you all there!

Gaming with kids – part 2 (HeroQuest)

As the boys and I started a new round of HeroQuest the both wanted to play with spell casting so they picked the Wizard and the Elf divided up the spells and started playing. I let them play without limits on the casting of spells and they traded spells as they traveled through the dungeon. Things seemingly went well for the first adventure, but on the second level they went too fast and got killed while fighting a chaos warrior, familiar and two orcs. We took a break which led to us not picking back up that day, but instead the following weekend.

The next week the boys got back together and demanded that they get to try HeroQuest again which I happily setup for them. They both picked the same characters as before and happily started playing again. All was well for about a half hour of play, then out of the blue both boys got really squirrelly and ran their characters off in different directions and seemed to agree without talking about that they would now try to kill each other. This went on for a while and I sat back and laughed as they tricked each other and killed each other off time and time again for the entire afternoon.

One of my favorites was when the younger of the two started opening doors running into rooms casting a getaway spell and have the monsters chase him into the room the older boy was in and already fighting monsters. Then use the pass wall spell to leave the room. After a good long laugh and each boy having killed the other a few times over the course of an afternoon we decided to call it a day and go outside to run off the excited energy.

Gaming with kids – part 1 (HeroQuest)

Over the last many years my children have expressed interest in gaming, from sitting on my lap to helping me role dice and pulling all of my books off the shelves when I am not looking. Recently though they have starting asking me a lot of questions and really getting interested in what the adults are doing at the table. So I borrowed a copy of HeroQuest from a close friend and showed it to my two oldest, I talked to them about the rules (very simplified) and asked if they wanted to try it out. To my surprise not only did they want to try it, they got really into it.

On our first time running it my two oldest kids played, my daughter choosing the Wizard and my son picking the Fighter. I let my daughter have all of the spells without any restrictions on when or how often she could cast the spells and we were off. We played for about two hours running through the first three levels in the booklet and they loved it.

What caught me off guard was the next weekend when my kids had friends over and they all asked me to run the game for them. They had been telling their friends about the game during play dates and all of the kids wanted to try it out. So for our next time playing I had four kids at the table ranging from ages 5 to 10 years old. They all picked out characters, divided up spells and off they went.

Sadly the newly formed group met with some terrible dice rolling and a separation of the party which led to them losing and the girls leaving the game, deciding that it was time to dress up and help mom cook. So the two boys and I picked out new characters and tried it again.

To be continued…

New Host / New Site

Hello all,

For the last month we have been looking for a new host for this site and while there have been some bumps in the road it looks like we might be home. Although though this process it seems that we have lost all of our previous posts on this blog but we are moving forward and bringing new content to the site as soon as we can.

Thank you,