WitchCraft (T&P) Session 03 – Part 1

After sometime reflecting on the mask and what had just happened. Michael decided to take a candle as evidence and placed it in a bag. Then Michael and the others started removing the bodies with the mattresses from the trailer and setting them in a clearing outside. They searched around the trailer and underneath for any clues or further evidence of who was responsible for the deaths. Finding nothing they talked it over and decided to further explore the scrapyard.

Heading deeper into the scrapyard through piles of rusted metals and crushed cars they navigated carefully. Narrow aisles led to dead end after dead end until finally they found an old mostly rotted out work shed. The shed itself was just a barely standing shack made of old wood, rusted nails and termite droppings. Entering the shack they found old tools and dried out paint cans. Ethan and Simon both grabbed heavy tools which could be used as weapons. While rooting around the shed Simon notice an odd little nutria watching the group. Simon headed out to see why the nutria was so intent on them and as he exited the shed the rodent ran off. Simon looked for where the creature had gone but was blocked at every pass.

Meanwhile Yin Yue found a small space to sit down next to the shack and started her breathing exercises, falling into a deep trace she opened herself up and released a small amount of her essence into the world while thinking of Britney when she reached out through the dream. After a moment she could feel the cold shackles on her wrists and ankles. She was afraid, tired and hungry. Yin Yue whispered that she was on her way and to remain strong to Britney. A small surge of joy rippled through her and Yin Yue knew the message was received. When she withdrew from the trance she felt a tug coming from the west.

Ethan and Michael during this searched the shed and surrounding area looking for makeshift weapons and any clues on whom or what else could be out here with them, finding no further information but a couple of rusting but effective weapons for Ethan, Simon and Yin Yue.

Coming out of the trance Yin Yue told the others what she had done and found. When Simon returned to the shed Ethan handed out weapons and the group started looking for a path through the scrap metal piles and stacks of crushed cars. Moving slowly through the darkness they lost the path and at the end of the row out of the rusting scrap came the spectral form of a young black woman moaning for help with arms held out. She moved swiftly through the open space and past the group before disbursing into the air.

After the apparition left them they found their way by following the direction the spirit seemed to be headed. This led them to the large garage building at the front of the scrapyard. They were now at the back of the building and could see a large rollup door with no visible way to open and a side door with a single low watt light bulb above it. Without talking they headed to the wooden door and Ethan pulled a small leather tool set out of his pocket and quickly disabled the bolt in the door. Silently they entered the room of what looked like the foreman’s office. Two old metal desks with ancient computers and phones were in this room as well as a door leading further in. Searching the desks revealed nothing of value to the group.

The next door was unlocked and opened into a large workshop area. The place was softly lit with moonlight as the steepled ceiling had small windows running along the sides. Michael’s flashlight provided the only other illumination in the room and that light alerted the guard who was awoken by the noise and light from the group. Rubbing his eyes he headed over to the group asking through a yon who was there and lazily pointed a gun at the intruders. Yin Yue was quick to action closing the distance to the young man in a blink and deftly disarming him. The gunman’s only reaction was a high pitched yelp and to attempt to backpedal away from his attacker. Yin Yue again took to the offensive and took him to the floor pinning him and rendering him helpless.

The group recovered from their shock eventually and headed to the two. As they did they all got their first good look at the guard who turned out to be a teenage Asian boy wearing loose clothing of green and gold. As he struggled to ineffectually get free from Yin Yue, Michael asked him who he was and why he was guarding the garage. The young man told them nothing and instead took the stance of a hardened gangster. Which lasted until Yin Yue increased the pressure on his fragile joints in his shoulder and elbow. Cracking under the pressure of the 100lb woman he told them that his name is Arnold Zu and is a new member to the Mott Street Rascals who was ordered to watch the garage and kill anyone who tried to get in. Besides that he knew nothing.

After handcuffing Arnold the group explored further discovering another office, the front door to the street and a pad locked steel door. After working on not only the pad lock but a dead bolt as well Ethan got the group into the room where they found a young blonde girl sitting in the center of a very elaborate series of circles. Each ring of the circle having its own string of characters and symbols. Each layer becoming more serpentine and fluid as they got closer to the girl. Yin Yue was the first to call out to the girl who looked up at the group without saying anything but the metallic ringing of chains as she moved to see who was speaking to her told the group she was manacled to the floor.

Ethan, Simon and Yin Yue all spent time looking over the circles as Michael held firm the “gang” member. After a few minutes the group starting talking to the girl assuring her that she would be free soon and that they had been sent by her Grandfather. Seeing the fear in the girl Michael had decided that he see enough and that everyone shouldn’t worry about some graffiti on the ground and to prove his point he pushed Arnold into the first ring. In a flash of raw power Arnold stumbled over a symbol with a small cry and suddenly a shrouded, skeletal figure with a broken sickle racked out from nowhere and passed without resistance through Arnold’s throat and disappeared. Arnold collapsed bloodlessly to the ground without sound lifeless.

Everyone including the girl made sounds of horror and stepped as far as they could from the circles. A wall of noise followed as Simon and Ethan started yelling at Michael for such a careless act. Michael took to his own defense by asking what the hell just happened and asking everyone/anyone what they thing was. Simon shuttering answered quietly that it was a servant or aspect of Death. No one asked for further clarification at that point but instead stating looking for additional resources. Michael walked out of the room to call Roland Wynter. Ethan called an old friend named Benny who knew his share of weirdness and could help. Yin Yue and Simon starting talking to the girl in the circle.

Michael after a moment of talking to Wallace got through to Roland telling him that he had found this granddaughter and about the circle she was in and the death creature who just killed a boy. Leaving out his own involvement in the matter. Roland was very grateful for the news and assured Michael that he was sending resources to assist with Britney’s liberation.

Ethan called Benny’s cell phone to find out that he was heading home after a late night job at a school not far away, in fact he was on the highway at the moment heading in the general direction and would happily assist in anyway. Ethan told Benny to park on the back road and to head through the hole in the fence they had made. Ethan would meet him at the back door of the garage.

Yin Yue and Simon got Britney talking and the trio discussed the circles and the work it took to create and if Britney saw who had made them. She was blindfolded for most of her time in the room and had no idea who made them. She did mention a foul smelling creature who would linger in the room with her from time to time and it would talk quietly in a language she did not know.

As Michael and Ethan rejoined the others they informed each other of what they had learned and continued to make small talk until Benny arrived and started looking over the circles and the enchantments placed within. He could not tell the exact meanings but told the group of the outcome and that with enough bodies they could power through it or with a couple of days the group could work together to undue the power holding it together. As they discussed possible solutions and if they had any other options two creatures appeared through the wall.


I am sorry to say that I have nothing new to say. Yet… I am getting back to being motivated to write again and we have played another session of WitchCraft. So now I am three behind. I have also joined a Shadowrun game and there is a Call of Cthulhu game starting tomorrow. Plus I have new sessions of Gaming with Kids to write up as well. Hopefully soon I can get these all typed up and posted. Sorry for being lame.


I want to start by saying that I am sorry for a lack of posts. I have been very busy with real life stuff and wildly unmotivated to write anything down.

I do have two more sessions of WitchCraft to write up and a bunch of Gaming with Kids… but you know, I am lazy and all of that. Hopefully soon I will get in gear and start posting again regularly.

Again sorry for my sloth.

Eulogy for the Muck Rakers

It is with a strong sense of sadness that I say goodbye. Last night we concluded our AD&D campaign of over two years and in that time we went from small time wannabe adventures to community leaders, city builders and deity killers. This campaign was set in Forgotten Realms before the time of troubles in the city (ruins) of Phlan.

We began our campaign without knowing one another and we each answered flyers posted all over Faerun each of us coming to Phlan by our own means and being hired separately. Our first adventure together was a near suicide mission, we were asked to retake the fort on Thorn Island. This was a miraculous success, as we came together as a group, fought and eventually took back the fort from its inhuman inhabitants. We returned to the mainland heroes and celebrated our victory. After that it was a whirlwind of adventures as we took back the town piece by piece, at times going from building to building clearing kobolds, goblins and slavers. Finally we headed to the graveyard, we mustered every trick could think of and used every item we possessed. It was a long slog through undead and evil men, but in the end we triumphed and freed the graveyard from the grip of the wicked.

Returning once more to Phlan with vast treasures in hand we began to buy up parts of the town and rebuild it to fit our purposes. We started with our home, a vast estate that became a compound for our growing family to live. That stretched out to the walls around the town and farmlands for new arrivals, which lead to watch towers for our defense and a port for trade. We spent a lot of time building relations with the council and with the newly arrived. Two new temples where build along with a school and each building was open and welcoming to all. We ventured throughout the surrounding land helped wherever we could, making friends and correcting wrongs.

We defended the town on multiple occasions; first major attack was from a home grown threat, Tyranthraxus in the form of a dragon with his army of followers, then from an army of Ogres led by their demi-god and finally from the Zhentil keep troops who sought out to enslave our growing community. After all of these events we rebuild bigger and better than before. Each time our followers and us rose to the challenge won and gave the people our spoils. Finally we decided to strike back and go on the offensive.

We struck out and began to look for means to fight and kill Tyranthraxus and his kind once and for all. This led us all over Faerun researching in ancient libraries and contacting powerful people. After a great deal of time we found the means to destroy him and the hunt began. During the search we fought his lieutenants and their followers, all the while weakening Tyranthraxus hold over the land. Finally we were on the way at first we found the gauntlets of Moander and fought the deity himself for them destroying a stronghold and his mightiest creations. Second we traveled all over Cormyr following flights of dragons to find the Helm of Dragons and recover it from an evil wizard who fancied himself a king and his dracolich ally. Finally a raid on Zhentil keep itself got us the blade of Lathander and gave us the opportunity to free the slaves of the city. After fighting high priests of Bane we left burning a part of the town down in the process and making a deal with Fzoul never to return.

Now armed with the artifacts needed we headed off to confront the enemy. We faced him three times each time more perilous than the last. Each time we weakened him and took away an escape route and followers. Evil men and creatures fell before us and we gave chase each time he escaped us. Finally we confronted him for the last time in the city of Hillsfar. When we arrived at the town it was the eye of the storm, the city itself had turned on its head and chaos ruled. The town guard had barricaded the city from the outside trapping everyone in. As we fought our way through and go into the town, we found it over run with denizens of the fire plane. As we rushed through the town we did not stop but we used what powerful magic we could to slow the progress of the evil creatures, destroying mephitis, banishing fire elementals and salamanders as we went. Finally at the arena in the center of the town we found what we looked for, the last pool of radiance. We took a moment to survey the area before we entered as we did not see a single enemy. Using our abilities we detected them waiting invisible looking to ambush us. As we spotted them they launched their attack! We fought tooth and nail and in the end we overcame the ambush, but in doing so we drained our resources. Before we could catch out breaths and lick our wounds the final battle began. Tyranthraxus led his elite followers through the portal and attacked us.

The battle was fierce and long, he used magic, elementals, Golems and henchmen to try and stop us. In the end we destroyed his source of power, surrounded him and won the day. We didn’t hesitate for a moment before launching ourselves back into the city to put out fires, stop the remaining forces and aid anyone who needed it, hopefully changing the people of Hillsfar racial views for the better. After a quick rest we teleported home and called it a wrap on the campaign.

We started out as small time adventures in search of our fortunes and fame, but what we found was so much better. As individuals we each had our own goals and backstories, we each carried personal burdens and tragedies that scared our bodies and souls. Each of us wanted something different, each of us running away from something. What we found through our adventures was home and family. Although none of us knew it in the beginning and it was never discussed as we traveled, we fell in love with each other and created a bond deeper than any race, creed or religion. We nursed each other in sickness we celebrated with each other in victory. We are brothers and sister of sword and spell. We are family and that will never change. We are the Muck Rakers!

All in all I will really miss the game and the group, stepping into Quill’s shoes for the evening was always a joy. Good bye friends and thank you for a wonderful game.

WitchCraft (T&P) Session 02 – Part 2

The group headed to the address Ethan was given and found themselves in a small apartment complex with a fenced in courtyard. After a quick discussion it was decided that Ethan should head in and talk to the ladies working there. As he headed up he found the manager’s office door open with the lights on and music playing. Ethan headed into the office and noticed that the lights in the office were mostly red lights with Chinese masks decorating the walls. Incense was burning as well and he was greeted by an older woman as they talked Ethan got her name (Jackie Wu) and found himself being escorted to another room upstairs by a very attractive young Asian woman.

In the car the rest of the group grew board of watching the area and waiting for Ethan. Michael announced that in another 10 minutes he was leaving with our without Ethan and texted him to let him know. Yin Yue felt that Ethan might be in trouble and headed in to see for herself, Simeon offered to go with her and Michael didn’t want to wait alone so the three headed into the apartment building. Seeing the open door and red lights of the manager’s office they went there. A small older woman greeted Yin Yue who entered the office first, followed by Simeon. The woman introduced herself as Jackie and offered a selection of young attractive women thinking that Yin Yue and Simeon is a couple. As they declined the offer Michael entered and Jackie started to retreat not knowing what to make of the three of them. As they started to ask her questions about the girls and where they could find a white girl Jackie dismissed the other girls. She assured the group that only Chinese girls work there and she did not know anything about white working girls or missing girls. She offered up a location in the French Quarter that the white girls worked at. After a few rounds of question Jackie insisted that she was paid up on her dues and that she was doing what she was told. She began asking Yin Yue about who she worked for and why she brought all of the muscle with her. She asked that the Triad’s look favorably on her and she would pay them too for protection.

Meanwhile Ethan was in a room with a very attractive young Asian woman who was offering all sorts of favors. Ethan was desperately trying to ask about missing girls and if the girls knew of an underground holding area or a basement. He continued to point down and gesture wildly while the girl tried to interoperate what he wanted with what little English she knew. This led to her bringing in more girls, which led to Ethan trying to bribe the now growing number of girls with what little cash and party favors he had on him. Continuing the attempt to make himself understood he got himself taken to another area on the first floor that was a makeshift S&M playroom where the girls started using his drugs, dancing and trying to tie him up, during all of this, while fun he learned nothing. After a little while Ethan realized that he was out of time and headed out to find the others.

Yin Yue managed to pry out a little information from Jackie using her glare and silence to intimate the woman. Jackie told Yin Yue of her contact and the leader of the local gang Meng Jin (who the white people call Jack) and that he runs his collections out of a scrapyard on the outskirts of town off highway 90. The three left the office at this point heading to the car talking about Yin Yue’s dream of Britney and how she smelled rust and dirt. As they got into the car Ethan ran out and got in as the car started to move.

The group drove past the scrapyard once to survey the area. As it was now after midnight there was little traffic and it looked like no one was at the scrapyard. There was a large building they drove past with a single light on above the service entrance. A long fence surrounded and hid the rest of the area from the highway. After driving past they found a small service road that led behind the yard. They found a place to park behind and a little ways away from the scrapyard the whole area was hidden in thick bushes.

They cut their way through the fence with bolt cutters after finding an open area with some rust damage to the fence and some animal dugouts. Getting into the yard with a single flashlight provided by Michael made exploration slow going. The first few paths they took led to dead ends and tall stacks of cars and piles of junk. Walking through one wide path the group saw a vision of a young woman who walked through a pile of metal she called out for help and was pulled back forcefully. The encouragement of the woman made the group press on faster and finally after a long while searching they found a hidden alcove with a dilapidated trailer on a raised platform.

The single entrance they found was locked. Simeon picked the lock with ease and got the group in, the first room was painted a dark red and had four masks, one on each wall. Michael found a single light switch and flicked it on. The group heard a generator sputter on somewhere not far away and three bare light bulbs came to life. The first in the room they found themselves in and two other leading down a hallway. The new lights showed them five doors, two on each side of the hallway leading away and a single one at the end.

The group decided to try their luck with the first door on the left. It too was locked but didn’t slow Simeon down for a moment. As they opened the door they were assaulted by a wall of stench. This room was painted in the same dark red as the front room a small old mattress was in the center of the room with a decaying body of a small woman. The next two rooms provided the same things. The final room along the hallway was painted red as the others with a mattress but no body. Each of the rooms left dead as well with no essence flowing to the space. The fourth room did not have that effect on essence. The room at the end of the hallway was unlocked and when the group entered they found the room painted red as the others, two tallow candles burning a small alter with incense burning and a silver mask painted yellow and white hanging on the wall. A strong sense of repulsion flowed from the mask and Simeon was quick to destroy it. As a ball of what looked like black and blue flames came from him and melted part of the mask Michael began to freak out. This was the first real evidence of the supernatural he had ever seen. As he got quiet and reflected on what just happened the group watched the rest of the mask started to flake and break a part.

End of session 2

WitchCraft (T&P) Session 02 – Part 1

After some discussion the group finally agreed to head to Marlene’s place first and look around there. When they arrived at the bar they discovered it was a busy place with people hanging out outside of the building as well as filling the interior. Yin Yue, Simeon and Michael all headed into the bar while Ethan decided to talk to people outside.

Ethan casually headed to a small group of people talking and drinking, as he headed over their conversation got quiet and he opened by asking for a cigarette. As he smoked his natural charm set in on the group who started chatting with him about the bar and the people who frequent it. Most of what he learned was already known to him and as they chatted he spotted Yin Yue heading out of the bar with a small Asian man, who got into an expensive car and drove away.

In the bar the three quickly separated with Yin Yue spotting Pho talking to the DJ next to the karaoke stage, Michael spotting three young men wearing gang colors and Simeon seeing ghosts sitting at the bar.

As Yin Yue approached Pho she heard him argue with the DJ about the lack of Journey songs. She didn’t seem to care about his protests but rather insisted that everyone was sick of it. Then Pho noticed Yin Yue looking at him and quickly changed to what he thought was a cool, care free stance and in a fake husky voice asked Yin Yue if he could help her. Yin Yue mentioned that he could and would like to talk to him with a coy smile. He mentioned that they should head somewhere quieter and offered to show her to his car to chat. She agreed and the two headed out to his very expensive looking car. As they sat down in the drivers/passenger seats Yin Yue noticed that he started the car without a key or really any resistance to the mechanism that you would normally insert a key into. Terrible and loud music started up as Pho asked if she wanted to go for a drive while they talked. Yin Yue agreed and the two headed slowly into the surrounding neighborhood. As they drove Pho made a lot of turns and drove with no sense of haste or direction. Yin Yue starting asking Pho about the car and how he got it as well as his involvement with gangs, Pho looked at her incredulously and simply asked “What the fuck?” Yin Yue then explained that she had talked to his mother and she was very concerned about him and his choices. Looking angrily at Yin Yue, Pho started into a rant about how it was none of her business and she was just a dumb chick. As he launched into the body of the rant Yin Yue reached over him and turned off the car. Pho struggled to remove her hand from the ignition and failed (Badly) another brief moment passed and Pho realized that Yin Yue was much more than she appeared so he ran from the now stopped car. Yin Yue allowed him to make it to the curb before she kicked out his legs landing him face down in the grass in front of a rundown house. Pho struggled to get up with Yin Yue using her knees to pin him to the ground. As he surrendered Yin Yue told him about his failing choices and that he should go home to his mother. She then asked him about the missing girls and was promptly give the name Jackie Wu, who took care of the working girls. When she let him up he didn’t take the time to look back but instead ran as fast as he could away. Yin Yue then started jogging back to the bar.

Michael walked over to the bar and asked the bartender some basic questions and made it very clear that he is a cop. After getting some information on the bar and the patrons he bought a pitcher of beer and headed over to the three men he spotted earlier. All of them dressed in red and gold clothes and drinking. He walked up to the men with the confidence only an armed cop can muster, placed the pitcher on the small round table and offered them a drink. The men looked very surprised at the offer and watched the new comer carefully taking a moment to measure the offer. Before anyone started pouring drinks Michael introduced himself and showed them his badge. As he told them about himself and that he was not there to make trouble he just wanted some answers. He discovered that amazingly only one of the men spoke English and they weren’t too happy about a police shake down. Michael asked them a series of questions about missing girls and their involvement to which the men stone walled him. When he showed them a picture of Britney (the missing girl) one of the men let his tough guy demeanor slip and flashed a moment for recognition. From all of this Michael got little but knew that they are armed and had drugs on them. He left the pitcher, handing out his business cards and when he was done headed back to the bar to fume.

Simeon walked to the end of the bar where the patrons had subconsciously left an empty seat and Simeon knew was the resting place of a haggard old ghost of a barfly. The woman might have been attractive in her youth and when she had a pulse, but now her spirit was tired and worn looking, slowly sipping on a drink. Simeon sat down at the bar next to her and ordered a drink for himself. After the drink was poured he looked to the woman and asked her how her night was going. She was stunned and for a moment looked at Simeon in disbelief, she asked him if he was talking to her and he confirmed smiling politely. She was floored by this and to two started chatting each other up. Simeon learned that there are some bad people who come into the bar from time to time and some of them even take her seat occasionally (how rude!). Simeon played the part of a shoulder to cry on for a while, getting in his own questions and pumping her up with his own essence to keep her lucid and talking. After getting as much as he felt he could Simeon made his fair wells and headed to the other spirit in the bar. This one looked like he worked in the bar as he tended to glasses on the bar and cleaned them. Although Simeon could see that nothing was being moved or cleaned the spirit went through the motions time and time again. As he approached the spirit greeted him and asked if he needed a drink without looking up. Simeon declined as he was still working on the original he ordered but did ask about the spirit and how he found himself here. This one was more aware and talked about the changes in the bar patrons and his general dislike of it. Simeon fueled the spirit with his own essence again and got more details about the people in the bar and what the spirit had seen lately. It was hard for the spirit to talk specifics as time flowed differently for him and instead talked about the darkness and power that visits and described a small Asian man who walks with it. After talking for a few minutes Simeon started to get worried about not seeing Yin Yue and started for the door when he saw Michael take the stage.

Ethan reentered the bar and ordered a drink from the bartender, handing him an extra $20 he asked about girls and recreational goods in the area. The bartender directed him to the three gangsters sitting together and mentioned that they would be his best bet. Walking past a still fuming Michael at the bar Ethan slid up to the men and in a low voice asked for some help. They talked for a moment and Ethan discovered that they could get him women and handed him a bar coaster with an address on it Ethan also got himself a few party favors for later. The exchange of money and goods was done under the table and Ethan was impressed by the man’s sleight of hands skills. As he walked away he heard Michael’s voice ring out over the bar as he took over the karaoke stage.

Michael after a while had decided that he had fumed enough and got control over his emotions enough to make a statement. He walked over to the DJ and bribed her to let him cut in line for Karaoke, picked his song and waited a moment for the current song to end. As soon as the old woman was done he took the stage, stared directly at the men he was talking to earlier and sang the first 30 seconds of the Inner Circle hit and cops theme song, Bad Boys. Everyone in the bar stopped and looked at Michael who did not look away from the men, then dropped the mic and walked out of the bar with most of the patrons.

Yin Yue jogged back to the bar and entered just in time to see Michael take the stage start the song and walk out with the first wave of people fleeing the bar. As she did she found a good spot to watch the door and concealed herself a little bit. Simeon was the next one out the door and the two made eye contact and Simeon too found a place to stand and wait for Ethan. As Ethan headed out the three found each other in the crowd and started walking down the street away from the bar. They got about a block away when Michael pulled up in his car they piled in and began exchanging what information they found. As they drove away from the bar they passed a burning husk of a once very nice Bentley to which Michael commented what a shame that was. Michael then called a friendly police officer in the area to let them know that the three men at the bar are armed and distributing drugs they would make an easy catch and hung up.

WitchCraft (T&P) Session 01 – Part 2

All four guests introduced themselves and exchanged pleasantries for only a few minutes before the master of the house called for them and they were shown to his office. Entering the grand office they were introduced to Roland Wynter the Patriarch of the family, Roland is an old man with short white hair and looks the part of a proper southern gentleman. The group each explained how they came to be at Willow Grove and after a few questions Roland seemed pleased and explained that his granddaughter was missing. She was last seen the night before and has been missing for what he believes is going on 18 hours. Michael at this point was paid the usual police “fees” for expediting the case and looking into it personally and since each other person here had some “useful” abilities they too were asked to assist in finding his missing granddaughter. They all asked if they could look around and see where she lived. The large man who answered the door was introduced as Wallace and was told to help the group. Wallace gathered another employee and they drove the group around the estate in golf carts showing them the grounds and taking them to another house on the estate which Britney and her family lived in.

Looking around the house they did not find any signs of forced entry or foul play. The house was secure and valuables where all accounted for. The only odd points discovered was that Britney’s cell phone was still charging and outside her window was a large Willow tree that at the base was a dead bird with its neck broken. The group at this point decided to leave the estate and start looking on their own for leads. As they left Wallace offered a reward for each person for information on the missing girl. The group then separated again, each going to their own local contacts.

Michael drove Yin Yue home and headed to a Gambling parlor in Iberville run by a small man named Due Tran. As he entered the familiar location he was greeted by the security guys and headed straight for Due, past tables of dice and card games. Due was sitting in the back of the place at the small bar poorly flirting with the new bartender, a very attractive Asian woman, who looked barely old enough to drink. As Michael interrupted the exchange Due started by asking what day it was and reminding Michael that his taxes are paid in full. Michael reassured him that was not why he was there, but instead he was looking for a missing girl from a rich family and he needed to know if Due had heard anything or knew anyone who could help. Due to his credit did not have anything to do with that sort and didn’t socialize with this that did. But since Michael was there already he could help Due with a new problem gang that had popped up since Katrina and had been flashing a lot of cash and gambling a lot. They have been bragging about taking over and bring in more and more muscle from back home. They could be a good group to check out with the missing girl and they are known to hang out at a dive bar named Marlene’s place. With that Michael headed out when his phone rang.

Yin Yue meanwhile decided to ask a local man with his ear to the ground named Caymen who owns and operates a butchers shop. When she went into the store it was busy with customers and newly arrived meat deliveries. Caymen greeted Yin Yue as soon as she entered the door and as she approached he saw that she needed to talk in private and nodded to head into the back. She headed to the back from and as they talked Caymen worked butchered newly arrived meats. Yin Yue asked about missing girls and if Caymen knew or heard anything about this. He did not know of any missing girls but he did recently hear from a local woman that her son had taken up with a gang and was dishonoring his family with drugs and other illegal behaviors. Yin Yue was directed to the home of Hansa Wattana a couple of blocks away. Yin Yue knew of the neighborhood and headed there. Although it was a “bad” area she was unmolested as she traveled through and quickly got to the Wattana’s home. She as greeted at the door by a small, portly middle aged woman, as Yin Yue introduced herself and explained that Caymen had sent her over to ask about helping with her son. The two women quickly fell into conversation with Hansa doing all of the talking. When Hansa stopped for a moment to take a breath Yin Yue took the opportunity to inquire about where her son Pho could be found. Another long rant ensued in which Yin Yue learned a great deal of gossip about what the mothers of the neighborhood believed about the local gangs and their dealings. Finally she learned that Pho frequented a dive karaoke bar named Marlene’s place along with a great many details of his schooling and failing attendance, along with his failing grades and his unhelpfulness with his family, this all went on for a while before Yin Yue reassured Hansa that she would help and headed out to call Michael about the information she had gathered and meeting up.

Ethan and Simeon called a cab to take them from Willow Grove to the lower ninth ward to drop off Simeon then to the French Quarter to drop Ethan off. When the cab arrived it was the same driver that had dropped Ethan off at Willows Grover earlier in the afternoon. The two quickly fell into a conversation about the estate and the family and how the hell the two of them where allowed into the house to begin with. During the long ride the cabby and the two men discussed the house and the ground of the estate, but always side stepped what they are currently working on for the family.

Simeon was dropped off in a particularly nasty neighborhood full of hardened gangsters, dealers and addicts. Simeon sadly was at home with this and the locals knew him or of him and he passed through unharmed. As Simeon walked through the ward he found his way to a nasty, run down old house known as the “manor” to the locals. At some point it is history it was a large and beautiful home to what Simeon assumed was a loving family. Over the decades it had fallen into disrepair and was neglected by the locals until finally during Katrina it was ravaged by water and completely abandoned. Now it served as a drug den and squatters residence. Simeon walked through the missing front door and started asking around about the dealer that had setup shop here named Lee Johnson. A short search ensued to find a conscious enough addict to answer his question that led to him discovering that Lee has been chased out or just disappeared, no one seemed to care much but he has been replaced by a new dealer named Willy Xue, who could be found in the master bedroom on the second floor. Heading up the barely hanging together stairs Simeon found Willy at an old desk getting head from a prostitute and after an awkward moment Willy finished and the two talked. Simeon discovered that a local gang named the Mott Street Rascals have had dealings in kidnapping and have ties to the slave trade. Some of their members hang out a bowling alley in Gert town and Simeon should be careful about dealing with them. They are serious business and have a growing reputation to watch out for. With that Simeon headed out and started his long walk to the French Quarter to find Ethan and hopefully crash at his place.

As Ethan and the cab driver sped away from the area they dropped Simeon off they talked about Simeon and how Ethan came to meet a man like that. Ethan came up with few answers on that topic. A short while later Ethan was dropped off in front of a small, rundown strip joint named Rick’s Girls, paid and thanked the cab driver and headed into one of his very familiar haunts. Ethan was greeted by a number of the working girls there and finally by the large man behind the bar. The two old acquaintances made small talk over a drink for a while before Ethan got around to the subject he was there for, a missing girl. Rick did not know of any rich girls running away to the French Quarter, but he did know of a missing local girl. One of the street ladies had been asking about a missing friend and coworker, her name was Lily and she could be found working on the north side of the quarter after dark. Ethan thanked Rick made a few good byes and headed out to track down Lily. After a couple of hours of waiting and wandering Ethan found who he was looking for. Lily was a small, very think black woman who had clearly spent a few years living rough on the street. She was still attractive and talked eagerly with Ethan as he asked about her missing friend. Lily told Ethan all about Renee and her disappearance. She was a local working girl who knew how to survive, she wouldn’t have just wandered off, something bad had to of happened. Ethan gathered as many details as he could and headed off, calling Michael as he walked. The two agreed to meet up and Ethan walked to the agreed upon location.

Michael headed to pick up Yin Yue after his meeting, the two talked about their discoveries while heading to get Ethan. As they arrived at the corner of Canal and Decatur they spotted Ethan walking down canal away from the River and honked the horn. As Ethan waved to them and started heading over he saw Simeon heading out from an ally way and called out to him. As the group all gathered in the car they started talking about what they had found out and what they should do next.

End of Session 1

WitchCraft (T&P) Session 01 – Part 1

The first session started with the characters scattered across New Orleans. In October of 2005 Katrina has ripped through New Orleans and the city is still a mess. Not only are the mortals displaced, hungry and angry but so are the monsters that live there.

We started with Michael who was enjoying lunch at a small café when another detective (Dean Lewis) arrived at the café and walked up to Michael and after some small talk Dean brought up an opportunity for some easy money, a shakedown of a wealthy local family that had reported a missing child, but the child has only been missing for a few hours. Michael quickly accepted and after getting a few details from Dean he headed to Willow Grove the home of the Wynter family. Upon arriving at the estate he drove up to the massive plantation house and was greeted by a large black man in an expensive suit. Michael explained who he was and why he was there. The man escorted Michael into the house and to a sitting room in the house and was told to wait for the master of the house.

Ethan woke up late in the day and carefully navigated his small apartment, dodging around sleeping women and carelessly discarded cloths. Heading out into the French quarter it is early afternoon and already there are drunken people in the streets, one in particular stands out to Ethan, a young woman, blonde and attractive, but clearly a tourist stumbling down the street. Not only is she clearly drunk but she appears to be moving by an unseen force, almost as if she is a marionette. Ethan watched her for a moment before approaching her and asking her if she needed some help. She turned to him and spoke with an unnatural voice saying “mind your own business boy.” Then turned away and began to walking/jerking down the street. Ethan was taken back for a moment and decided to extend his senses to see if there was any magic affecting this woman. What he saw was an older man in a long coat with long grey hair and an unkempt beard controlling her and making her move. Ethan again called out to her while looking at the man and asked him if there was something he could help with. The ghostly man turned around and the woman stopped, standing like a discarded puppet, Ethan then got a good look at the man’s face which was missing the eyes and in their place were black pits. He smiled at Ethan and asked if he could see him. Ethan replied that he could and the ghostly man told him “Go to my master’s house at Willow Grove and tell him that Earl had sent you. You may be useful. His granddaughter is missing.” And with that he took control of the woman again and continued to move her further into the French Quarter. Ethan called a cab and was taken to the Willow Grove estate. The cab driver scoffed at the idea that Ethan would be allowed inside as he was a local hood kid and this was clearly old money. When Ethan got to the front doors of the house he greeted by a large black man in expensive suit who upon hearing that Ethan was sent by Earl looked quite surprised and let Ethan into the house and showed him to the waiting room where Michael already was waiting and who had only recently arrived. It did not take long for the two to start talking as they knew of each other and how they could get paid for their “help”.

Simeon started his day walking around the lower ninth ward, thinking about prospects and the next steps to take in the search for his family when a sudden wind took hold of the park he found himself in. As the wind ripped through the park bending branches, kicking up loose items on the ground and screaming as it went Simon noticed that the dead (ghosts) where behind this unnatural weather. Screaming and tearing as they flew/ran through the park clearly searching for something. As he reached out to get the attention of one of the spirits he felt a pull of strong magic binding these spirits to whatever task they were performing. Simeon got the attention of one of the spirits and through his own force of will managed to get it to stop for a moment to talk. Simeon learned that they have been commanded to find Britney Wynter and to bring her to the master of Willow Grove and while the spirits knew what the girl looked like and would know her when they found her they could not accurately describe her. As the talk went on the spirit grew pained and wanted to move, search and hunt. After Simeon got his answers he began the long walk to Willow Grove. As he reached the estate he too was greeted by a large black man in an expensive suit at the door, but the man was suspicious of Simeon and hesitated before letting him in and only did so after Simeon explained that he could be useful in finding the missing girl and he was directed by the ghosts searching for her in the parks. As he was shown into the waiting room two men were already there and in a conversation that ended the moment Simon stepped foot in the room.

Yin Yue was in her small room deep in the covers of her bed when she suddenly found herself some place strange:
You cannot see but you know you are not alone. A muffled cry echoes from your left followed by shallow, panicked breathing. Water drips somewhere in the distance giving you the impression that this place is large and the strong odor of rust and earth threatens to overwhelm. Your wrists and ankles are shackled with cold metal that is a little too tight and it cuts into your skin. A cold breeze rakes across your exposed skin raising gooseflesh and causing you to shiver uncontrollably. Panic sets in causing you too to cry out. “Hello?” a soft, frightened voice comes from your left. “Can you hear me? Can you help me?” you wake up with an image in your mind and a soft note in your ear and with a haunted shiver “Can you help me?” lingers in the air.
As she woke she found herself haunted and set to purpose. She went about her normal routines helping the Tian’s open their bakery and serving the locals. But as the day went on she could only think of the dream/vision and started talking to the Tians about what she saw and asked if they knew anything about the symbol. They guided her to a local and regular customer named Irene that Yin Yue had met a few times before and knew she was a wealth of local information and gossip. After a short talk with Irene she knew where she had to go and as the morning rush ended and in the lull of the pre-lunch crowd she asked John and Mary if she could leave early and start her investigation, they agreed of course and off she went. As she got to the estate and headed to the front door she was greeted by a large black man in an expensive suit who smiled widely as she put her bike out of the way on the porch and was shown into the house and taken to the waiting room where the three other men sat and waited for their host.

WitchCraft – Characters

In the new campaign I have four players, they are:
Michael Rousseau – A corrupt vice detective with some psychic power and an unknown debt/boon to a power.
Ethan Perry LeBeau – A local street kid turned amateur magician and street performer with an wide variety of powers ranging from psychic, necromantic and magic.
Yin Yue Lin – A recent import from China and one of the few practitioners of the Tao with necromantic powers.
Simeon Novembre – A Haitian born man who came to New Orleans in his teen years. A Voodoo practitioner with long family ties to it.

Witchcraft campaign – New Orleans

The campaign starts tomorrow and will be placed in New Orleans in October of 2005 weeks after hurricane Katrina. Prior to the hurricane the city was a hotbed of supernatural activity owning to the fact that the city was a nexus point for the ley lines that run through the city. This also caused the city to have the highest population of supernatural beings and ghosts anywhere in the United States. That was all of course before Katrina. Now that the storm has past they “gifted” residents of the city have discovered that their own abilities are harder to use and that the supernatural beings that also inhabited the city are missing or if they remain they are shadows of themselves.

In game terms before the storm all gifted people had a free level of essence channeling and there was a larger pool of free essence to draw from for ritual work. For the supernatural entities of the city it was easier to feed and fuel abilities. The storm has changed all of that and has killed or scattered many of the supernatural elements of the city.

That is where the campaign starts. More later on the characters.