WitchCraft (T&P) Session 08 – Part 2

Getting back into town Simon was the first to break away and setup a new ritual. Summoning the spirit of Ben Hoa once he was back in his own home. Reaching out to the soul he pulled him from the limbo that the spirit was trapped in. Arriving before Simon, Ben was shaken and terrified, he immediately launched into a series of questions and meekly wanted answers. It took Simon a few minutes to calm the spirit enough to explain that he was dead and had been evicted from his body by a demon, but that Simon was there to help him transition. After strewing on the new information for a little while Ben thanked Simon and asked that he help with his ex-wife and to give her all of his paperwork, like his will, the deed to his house and access to his banking.

Michael after getting back to town headed to the city clerk’s office with Ethan and while Michael headed into the office to pull records, Ethan waited outside and performed small tricks for the citizens visiting. Michael pulled city maintenance plans and budgets for the year and started on paperwork. Talking to the city’s head clerk and trying to be persuasive to get the clerk to assist with the graveyard restoration projects moved ahead, but without luck. Ethan outside gained the attention of the police officers on site who watched for any panhandling or scamming. Ethan kept it clean and eventually started winning the officers over. Michael left the city defeated, got Ethan and the pair headed home.

Yin Yue headed to the homes of Meredith and Anne Marie. Getting to their homes she found the ladies at Ann Marie’s house organizing her books. Yin Yue was elated to find out that their church had stepped up and setup new bookcases. Talking to the elderly ladies Yin Yue found out that a local handyman was coming out the next day to replace the windows, all on the church’s dime. Spending the rest of the day with the ladies cleaning up the house, organizing and talking about New Orleans in the old days. Yin Yue waited around until nightfall to see if the ghost of Hannah would show up. Yin Yue waited until after midnight before leaving Anne Marie’s house and heading into the graveyard.

Walking into the graveyard Yin Yue was met with a lot of restless spirits and helpless ghosts wandering aimlessly. Looking for information she found a tall, lean man in a blue frock coat with brass buttons and a tricorne hat. Approaching the man she called out to him, looking down his nose at her, he answered her calls with a look of disgust. Ignoring the look he gave her, she asked him about all of the activity in the graveyard and his name. After insulting her race and gender, he told her his name was Johnathan Haring, mentioning that this was no place for a delicate woman, he mentioned that if she was looking for answers she should head over the hill to the poorer section of the burial grounds.

Taking his advice and heading over the small hill she found that the grounds below her looked as if the old mass graves of plague victims stood open with an uncountable number of people in motion. Each pressing against the walls of the pit and reaching out for a handhold before moving away and looking for another spot to claw out of the pit. All of the people yelling and moaning in silence. It took Yin Yue a moment to realize that she was seeing into the dead realms and that in the physical world the pit was closed and lined with stones. Looking closer at the stones she found them carefully etched with symbols, warding the gravesite and keeping the restless spirits at bay. Walking deeper into this area of the graveyard she found another large mass grave with a swarm of chaotic spirits looking for an exit. The wards on this site look older and damaged.

Leaving the cemetery at this point she headed home on the most direct route possible. Getting to her small apartment she brewed a pot of herbal tea that she knew would help her sleep. Getting comfortable in bed she attempted to sleep, but each time she nodded off visions of the dead in the pits filled her again and woke her back up. The night went by slowly and painfully.

In the morning Simon was up early and summoned Ben to him again. Calling a cab and heading to Ben’s small apartment, he found the spare key, once inside followed Ben’s instructions and gathered his personal effects, papers and valuables. Stowing the items away he called another cab and headed to Ben’s ex-wife’s house. Before knocking on the door Simon asked Ben about his kids and where they would be now. After being reassured that the children were at school, Simon knocked on the door. A moment later Ben’s ex-wife answered. Simon summoned all of his charm and as carefully as he could explained to her that Ben had died the day before and that he was there to assist her in anyway and to help Ben pass over.

Handing her the backpack with all of Ben’s valuables and assuring her that he wanted no payment or in fact anything from her, he only wanted to assist the family. He was cautiously welcomed in, Simon found the house warm and comfortable. Sitting with her with a cup of coffee, Simon translated all of the answers Ben provided as his ex-wife asked question after question. In a short amount of time she believed him and warmed up. Simon told her as much as he could about the events that led to Ben’s death and that the police had his body. Talking with her about Ben’s spirit and how he should pass over soon. Simon gave her his phone number, telling her to call with any questions or if she needed anything. With that he left.

In the early afternoon Ethan woke up his mothers and gathered them in his house. This was much earlier than any of them wanted to get up and they all told him over and over again about this. Eventually Ethan managed to get them all into a van and down to the dojo that Yin Yue introduced him to. There is a sign in Chinese that Ethan noticed on the front of the place, but he never asked what it said. Arriving at the dojo Ethan again herded his mothers in and explained to them that the city was getting more dangerous and a killer was on the loose who was targeting women just like them. They relented at this and allowed the Bao brothers to teach them the very, very basic points of self-defense and balance. By the time Ethan and his moms left the dojo a crowd of locals had gathered and were excitedly talking about all of the silly white ladies.

Getting home Ethan asked his mother about their abilities and if any of them had any success in using them since the storm. Acknowledging that they no longer had use of their skills, the point of the killer started to sink in and the room grew quiet. One of Ethan’s mother’s pointed out that Chloe who was back in the area was still able to use her gifts. It was at this point that Chloe mentioned that she had joined them when they got home and was able to use her gifts still. Approaching Ethan she handed him a pencil drawing of himself being stern to a room full of women. Smiling at Ethan and touching his face she said that they should get together soon and catch up, then headed out.

Michael was up with the sun and as soon as he felt capable he headed to St Louis cathedral and made a confession. After getting his absolution and completing his penance, Michael called Roland Wynter. The two talked about the previous day’s events and the hunger demon. Describing the creature, how it took over Ben and its desire to marry his granddaughter Britney. Roland was very disturbed by all of this and inquired about how Michael could fight the creature. They talked at length about what Michael had learned about the group’s abilities. Roland told Michael about how he could help and that he would get “tools” for them ready, but it would take a couple of days.

After that call Michael was called by Simon wanting to know about Ben’s body, who it would be handled and who would call his family. After answering the questions Michael wanted to know if Simon knew of a way to fight and kill the demon. Not having any definitive answers, Michael told him about his call to Roland and that they should pick up the “tools” in a couple of days.

Yin Yue despite having very little sleep was up before the sun and down in the shop working away with the Tian’s. It came as a relief, having the work as a distraction. In the late afternoon when the work in the bakery was done and the shop cleaned and the place was closed Yin Yue called Roland Wynter. She discussed the same things as Michael with Roland and after telling her part in the events in the swamp, Roland offered her the same “tools” as Michael and the thanked her for looking out for his family.

End of session 8

WitchCraft (T&P) Session 08 – Part 1

A while later the group lounged about making small talk, waiting for the police boats when they heard a single, small boat approaching. A thread of paranoia raced through the group and Yin Yue climbed a tree to get a look at the boat. As it came into view she saw an overweight, potbellied, middle aged, Asian man piloting a small metal boat quickly down the river. He wore old well-worn overalls and a small tan line on his left ring finger telling her that he was recently divorced. She scampered back down the tree and reported back to the group what was coming.

As the boat landed roughly on the shore nearest to them, the man looked unconcerned with the damage he just caused to the boat and boldly hoped onto the bank. Walking up to the group he carried himself with extreme confidence. Michael called out to him as he approached and asked who he was. With a shrug he dismissively said to call him Henry pausing for a moment to look over the group. Ethan asked him what he was doing out here and Henry replied that he was looking for them, as they had caused him so much trouble lately. Simon asked about the dead zone sites and if that was his doing. Looking at the open ground behind the group he shook his head and said that he had no idea what that was, but that it was about time they paid up for taking away his wives. Michael asked about his wives, which Henry told them was the bodies of the three women they removed from the scrapyard and Henry said that he was willing to let them live if they would give him the blonde one they took. She was still meant to be his wife.

At this point he took a long look at Yin Yue and sniffed her, asking her if she was one of his. He began to move closer to her and tried to make a new deal, if they would give him Yin Yue he would forgive the debt and they would be even. Michael, Ethan and Simon laughed at this proposal while Yin Yue took a step away.

Moving closer to Yin Yue, Henry began to reach out to her and his tongue elongated and slithered from side to side. A hungry look came over him as he moved to grab Yin Yue. Michael used his so far unused talents of the mind and commanded Henry to “stop” but as Michael pushed to dominate the man he could feel a wall of strength protecting the man. Henry lunged at Yin Yue with newly created claws on the end of his fingers, as he grabbed the backs of her arms the bone of his claws dug deep into her flesh and muscle. Simon quickly threw a small bolt of Soul Fire at Henry burning a line in his cheek, doing enough damage to distract Henry and allow Yin Yue to roll from his grasp and wheel backwards away from the man.

Pouncing on the opportunity Simon again used his Soul Fire to blast Henry again, burning him more severely which created more space between Yin Yue and Henry. This new opening allowed Michael to use his firearm and shot Henry through the chest. Dropping the man to the ground in a lifeless heap. The group took a collective deep breath and began to think about what just happened as the body of Henry lurched upright as a round, bloated, ethereal creature escaped from the openings of the body, taking shape briefly before screaming at the group and fleeing into the swamp.

Simon was the first into action healing Yin Yue of her wounds through personal sacrifice. At the same time Michael pulled a small handgun from his ankle fired a shot into the swamp and put the gun the in hands of the dead man. Explaining to the group that this was the only way to explain what just happened to the other officers coming without all of them getting into trouble. Everyone seemed to agree and gathered together under the shade of a tree.

They began to talk, Yin Yue talked about her childhood in China and of her people. Growing up on the boats and her mother working as a prostitute to support herself and Yin Yue. Simon talked about this grandfather and learning the ways of Voodoo from him. Next they all discussed the dead zones and the demon. Initially they thought he could be involved but after his casual dismissal they talked about who else could have done it since they did not believe he was a player now.

Michael began to look around the area again and headed back to the body of the man who attacked them. Searching through his clothes he found a wallet, it contained a few dollars, credit cards and his driver’s license. Calling in the man’s information he found that he had a clean record. Continuing going over the body he found no tattoos or markings of any kind. Ethan started rummaging through the boat and found high end fishing gear, a cooler with his lunch and other small items. Ethan started talking to the group about taking the gear for their own, hiding the body and sinking the boat to cover their tracks. Simon was quick to talk Ethan down reminding him that they have done nothing wrong and that the officers that are coming are friendly with Michael.

During this Yin Yue began to meditate and pray over the body of the man now known to be named Ben Hoa. After Simon and Ethan finished talking the rest of the group gathered to offer prayers as well. Simon decided that he should reach out to the soul of the dead man in order to get more information on what happened to him. While gathering his will he began to smell a foul odor and the group felt a pull to the dead zone. When he called out for the spirit of the man the whole group felt a presence blocking the energy and Simon knew something was reaching out for him. The power of Simon’s calling failed to leave the area and the reek of fresh rot filled the nostrils of everyone. Simon at this point was visibly shaken and walked a ways off to gather himself. Ethan, Yin Yue and Michael offered new prayers to cleanse the area and talked about getting the grounds cleansed.

When the police boats arrived, Michael walked out to meet them and introduce himself and his friends. The newly arrived officers took each member of the group off separately to get their version of the day’s events. Having gone through this while in town a few days earlier they knew what to expect and were cooperative with the officers who only had a few questions for each of them after they told their tale. After hanging around for Michael to socialize for another hour before they all left the swamp.

WitchCraft (T&P) Session 07 – Part 2

Meeting back up with Ethan and Michael, Simon and Yin Yue told them that the spirit in Ann Marie’s house too was pulled towards the graveyard and they all agreed to head there next. As the group cautiously made their way to the graveyard they found all of the spirits outside of the walls looking towards the graveyard. Asking them about this they all sleepily asked back “Do you hear that?” and were of no further help. Getting into the graveyard, the group found it very active with many spirits visible even to Michael. Walking the paths they found that here too the spirits all looked towards the center of the graveyard. Each spirit looked confused or disoriented, Simon had to use his will and command a spirit to speak to him about what was happening, the spirit said that “it” was calling his name and asked if they could hear it? Getting deeper into the place they found the spot that all of the spirits seemed drawn too. A large mausoleum with the family name “Hastings”. It was a tall building with white washed stone walls on three sides, a tiled roof and an iron gate leading into the mausoleum. Looking over the building they found the gate very damaged and forced in. Michael too noticed that there was a large amount of damage to the lower sections of the walls, which could lead to structural problems.

Heading into the mausoleum they found the place full of plaques for entombed bodies of the family of Hastings. The family seemed to go back to the early British governance of New Orleans. Getting to the back of the mausoleum they were met by a frightened spirit of a teenage girl, she was hard to see in the darkness and was attempting to hide herself from the group, when they asked her about the other spirits being drawn to the mausoleum she replied that he was mad and gestured towards the roof. When they asked about who he was she said quietly and quickly “Dad” before fleeing.

Going back outside of the mausoleum they looked around to find the easiest place to get to the top of it and after a moment Michael lifted Yin Yue up where she found a cherub statue and around it was consolidated darkness which lingered over the statue making a shadowy second skin to it. Yin Yue carefully inched closer to the statue/darkness and as she moved the second skin of darkness moved the face of the statue making it watch her every movement. Yin Yue tried to talking to the presence but got no response, it just quietly watched her movements. But she could sense the anger radiating off of it.

Simon was the next to be lifted to the roof and not wanting to waste time he gathered his will again and attempted to force the being out of the cemetery. As he pushed his will against the darkness on the statue he felt it wash over the creature and dissipate. At that moment the creature broke its silence and said mockingly “You have no power here exorcist, this is my home!” Simon and Yin Yue recoiled from it.

Below Michael and Ethan both heard the exchange and pulled themselves up to the roof. The group together tried to mend the relationship and talked to the being. It was mostly silent but never moved aggressively at them. During their talk they discovered that the being felt comfortable in Meredith’s home, it wanted its mausoleum restored so it could rest and the spirits in the area were responding to its calls to protect the cemetery. Yin Yue asked about the spirit with the missing baby, the being said the name Hannah and pointed down to the crypt using the cherub darkness finger. Not being able to think of any more questions and figuring out the being was not hostile, the group left and headed back to Meredith’s and Ann Marie’s homes to tell them what all had happened, their next steps and to help clean the mess that was Ann Marie’s front room.

As they left the group talked about the spirit and what it was and if they could use it to contact the dead girls in Michael’s other case. They decided that they should fix the mausoleum first and appease the sprit. Talking about how to do that Simon brought up asking Roland Wynter about funding or using his contacts to get the cemetery fixed. Michael said he would use his own contacts and abilities first to get the place worked on before they should contact Roland.

It was very late by the time they all got home and almost everyone was quick to bed. Ethan spent the night gathering up his mothers and talking to them about Yin Yue and the dojo she goes too. He informed them they will all be going and learning self-defense. As it was so late there was little resistance but plenty of grumbling.

That night Simon had a vivid dream/memory of a time when he was a small child and his grandfather showed him how to call ghosts. His child eyes watching in fascination as his grandfather carefully created a circle, symbols and used smoke to call forth the ghost of a recently deceased man whom Simon had known and the day before attended his funeral. The spirit at first appeared within the smoke taking shape but for a blink. As Simon’s grandfather continued to chat the spirit’s body slowly took form holding the smoke together he looked scared and confused. Simon’s grandfather looked Simon in the eyes and said “remember”. Simon awoke in that moment, the sun peeking out and he knew the lesson well and could recall all of the small movements his grandfather took and all the quiet words he spoke.

The next day was a rough morning for everyone. Mostly they slept in or started work at a snail’s pace. In the early afternoon they got together, Michael rented a boat, which led to an argument between Ethan and Michael about who should drive (Ethan drove) and they headed out to the location Simon had found with the dead zone. On the way there Yin Yue handed out donuts and coffee as a snack, Michael mentioned to everyone he brought a cooler with beer and chicken in it for later.

Getting to the site they found a good spot to tie up the boat and headed ashore. It did not take long for Simon to trace his steps and led the group to the spot. Looking carefully over the location for a while Michael discovered an old leather medical bag hidden in the roots of a tree. Inside he found medical tools, ties and salt. Showing everyone else his find and after a talk about what the salt could be used. A new search began and Simon this time found a small trail of salt which led to what looked like a bone fragment. A dig began in which many bones were found, Ethan began to worry about this and what they should do to cover their tracks as Michael called a friend on the police force who could help.

Ethan wanted to create an elaborate story about them all being fisherman out for a little sport. While Michael talked to his contact and told him that he and his friends found at least one body and they should bring the forensic team to work the site. Sheriff Turner told Michael he would be out in a couple of hours with his people and for them to sit tight.

While they waited they all decided to explore the island they were on. Each one wandering off in another direction. Ethan, Yin Yue and Michael all found nothing exciting to report back to, while Simon found a nutria watching him. It was sitting across the river from them in a shaded spot under some brush, but it was clearly watching them. Simon gathered the group to verify and after confirming with Yin Yue and Ethan, Simon blasted it with his will from across the water. At the last moment the rodent tried to move, which they all found odd as the soul fire Simon wielded was not visible to normal people or beasts.

End of session 7.

WitchCraft (T&P) Session 07 – Part 1

Leaving the scene the group decided to head back to the graveyard. On the way Yin Yue filled in Ethan and Michael on what was happening there and the possible connection to the graveyard nearby. Simon and Yin Yue discussed possible reasons on why there would be such a strong amount of activity in the area and what could help ease the local spirits.

After checking the perimeter of the graveyard Simon and Yin Yue took Michael and Ethan to meet Meredith and Ann Marie, who both where impressed with the reinforcements. Ethan and Michael got to talking to the ladies who, now given the opportunity to story tell got to talking about their youth and how the city has changed. Mostly it came down to “there are more people now and it is less racist”.

As nightfall was approaching the group decided to break up and go about the next couple of hours pursuing the investigation in their own ways. Michael had been thinking ahead and earlier found a good place to stake out the houses from his car. He parked it a little ways away underneath a large willow tree were he could watch the two houses and see the path leading to the graveyard.

Simon walked the trails behind the houses watching the walls of the graveyard not far off. Yin Yue watched the back of the houses from concealment and Ethan continued sitting with the ladies, talking and enjoying sun tea.

After sunset Simon found a stocky ghost walking the trails too, who seemed to be somewhat aware of his surroundings. His clothing was very old and when Simon started talking to him he learned that the ghost was an Irish immigrant who was a laborer and still thought he was in the 1840’s. Simon talked to a few other ghosts as well but none seemed to be really self-aware and none provided anything useful.

Ethan after Ann Marie and Meredith went to bed walked around the houses and watched Simon talking to ghosts. Michael too could see Simon talking but could not see the spirits. Yin Yue from the back porch thought she saw a light flash from the attic window in Meredith’s house and entered the house. As she approached the pull down stairs to the attic the air on the back of her neck and arms stood up and she got a cold feeling in her gut. Not wanting to continue alone she called Simon for assistance.

Simon made a quick line back to the house while calling Ethan, not knowing that he had gone to Michael’s’ car to chat and kill the time. The three men met back up at the front steps to Meredith’s house and as they entered they all spotted movement coming from a side window in Ann Marie’s house. Michael and Ethan broke away from Simon and headed to aid Ann Marie, while Simon continued heading to Yin Yue.

When Simon caught up to Yin Yue he found her at the base of the stairs looking up into the darkness of the attic. While she told him of the noise she had been hearing while waiting, taps and scratching without a pattern. Simon told her that the houses temperature had dropped significantly. The two entered the attic together and noticed right away new scratch marks on the walls and a few items had been moved. The temperature in the attic had also dropped a few more degrees and their breath was now visible. Looking around the attic Simon began talking to the unknown spirit, asking it for its name or if it knew why it was here. After a tense minute or two a disembodied voice answered “No rest”.

Ethan and Michael entered Ann Marie’s house, with Ethan going first. As soon as Michael cleared the threshold the door slammed shut and a book slammed into the wall next to Ethan, exploding into a shower of loose pages. A spirit of an ugly woman in ragged clothing appeared from the far wall screaming at them to leave and calling them thieves. Michael attempted to calm her by identifying that he was a police officer, showing his badge and that he was there to help her. This sent her into a fit of violence and as she began to weep and accused Michael of stealing her baby. Demanding that Michael return the baby more books flew from shelves, along with a few decorative plates and the two men were forced to dodge the projectiles. Ethan shooed Michael from the house hoping it would calm the spirit, but too little avail. After failing an attempt to communicate with the spirit a wall of books with the shelves accompanying them flew at Ethan he retreated out the front door. As he cleared the door the two windows on either side burst into shards. Michael and Ethan both threw themselves away from the glass spears and headed for Michael’s car.

Simon and Yin Yue meanwhile continued trying to get the spirit in Meredith’s house to revel itself and after failing to get it to willingly appear to them, Simon began to gather his strength and commanded the spirit to show itself, using his gathered will to force the spirit out of hiding. As he did the darkness gathered and the attic grew warmer rapidly and the humidity rose as the shadows took shape. A wood scraping sound announced its movements and thinking quickly Simon forced his will again on the creature commanding it to leave the house. The small circular window at the back of the attic wall facing the graveyard moved out of its frame as the spirit was ejected from the house.

Heading back downstairs Meredith greeted them timidly asking if everything was alright. Simon filled her in on what was happening and on his theories. Then the two headed outside to find Michael and Ethan in Michael’s car. The group gathered together and both sides told the other of what had happened. Yin Yue and Simon decided to head into Ann Marie’s house while Michael and Ethan decided to stay in the car and have a hard drink.

Entering Ann Marie’s house Simon and Yin Yue found the place destroyed. The spirit was still rampaging and screaming incoherently. Simon prepared for such an encounter again commanding the spirit to leave and as he forced his will on her. She looked at him with sad, blood shot eyes and softly said to him “William they took our baby” and was ejected from the house.

WitchCraft (T&P) Session 06 – Part 2

Simon ran into an elderly woman named Ruth Evans in his neighborhood and started talking to her about the goings on in the area and if there was anything he could do to help her. She told him of a friend of hers that was having real problems and her house was haunted. She wished Simon’s grandfather was around still to put it right. Simon offered to look into it and assured Ruth that he would do whatever it took to help. Ruth gave Simon the address and name of her friend Meredith Smith-Simmons.

Simon walked to Meredith’s house and found the old woman on her porch in a rocking chair. Introducing himself Simon explained that he was told of her problems and haunting my Ruth and that he might be able to help. The two talked for a bit and Meredith admitted that she knew Simon’s grandfather and once she learned of Simon’s family history she welcomed him into her house and showed him what has been happening. A tour of the house reveled damage to the paint (which looked like it had been scrapped away), broken mirrors and moved furniture. Simon spread out his senses and could not find anything in the house at the moment, but continued looking around. He went to the attic looking for clues and found that the room was completely clean, no dust or anything. Asking Meredith about it, she was clueless on it.

After a careful investigation on Meredith’s house and talking about the reoccurring sounds and damage to her house she also mentioned her neighbor having the same problem. Taking Simon across the yard Meredith introduced Simon to Ann Marie Russell, another elderly woman who was proud to boast that she lived in the neighborhood her whole life. She too described late night terrors similar to Meredith, but Ann Marie had taken to barricading herself in her bedroom which she had decorated with crosses on all of the walls. She mentioned that she has never had a problem in that room. Wanting another set of eyes on the problem Simon called Yin Yue, who agreed to head over and look into it as well.

When Yin Yue arrived, Simon did not want to influence her investigation so he let her talk to the ladies by herself and tour the house alone. She too came up empty after a combing the house. They both decided to walk to the other houses and ask around to see if anyone else had experienced anything. Walking a couple of streets over the duo discovered McDonoghville cemetery. Which had been damaged in the storm and could explain the hauntings.

As the two discussed staying overnight in the houses they received messages from Ethan about meeting up with Michael and continuing the investigation into the sites where the bodies had been found. Calling Ethan they all meetup and along with Michael they all drove out to the next known site, which was were Jeanine Pickwaith was discovered. On the way Yin Yue filled everyone in on the cult from the 80’s and about a group in the city known as the Rosicrucian’s.

Arriving at the site they found the now familiar dead zone, only this one was smaller than the last. They discussed a possible natural healing of the area and time could sweep this all away. Ethan at this point decided to call Benny and ask him what he knew about the Rosicrucian order. He knew little of them, but that they work with the Free Masons and usually are the rich old money people. Ethan cut the conversation early when he started hearing bird calls from the apartments around them.

Ethan and Simon were both already on guard when three young men came out from an ally way and started walking towards them. Michael took note that they all were wearing the same blue colors and knew that the area was controlled by the local gangs. Police rarely came into this part of town. As the men approached the group attempted to leave, but found their way blocked. The men started acting tough, posturing and making threats. The group made another attempt to pass by without a confrontation, but one of the men grabbed Yin Yue by the ass.

Simon was quick to her defense threating them if they continue. The lead man started moving towards Simon when Simon caused the blue rag around his neck to catch fire. As the man jumped away with a yelp, one of his friends reacted by pulling his gun. Now for the second time the group got to see the speed of Yin Yue, by the time the gun was clear of his belt his finger was broken and Yin Yue was holding the gun. Their moral broke at this point and the three gang members decided to flee. Simon, Ethan and Michael all watched Yin Yue with a sense of fascination.

End of session six

WitchCraft (T&P) Session 06 – Part 1

As the restaurant was now swarming with police officers the group made themselves comfortable and gave their statement over another round of drinks. As the detectives went about their business Michael played it cool and talked to them about what happened and what he saw. All the while making sure that his companions were not bothered too much by the other officers. After an hour of talking to each officer they were cleared to leave and thanked for their time.

Heading out Michael and Ethan both got on their phones to see who knew what was happening. First Ethan called Smiling Jack about the hit and who could have been involved. Jack assured Ethan that he knew nothing of it but would be happy to look into it and run it up the food chain to see what the chatter was from the families and local gangs. Jack asked Ethan if he was armed to make sure he could protect himself if it happened again.

Michael called Vincent to let him know what happened and to see what was being done. Vincent apologized for the attack and told Michael that the Triad was backing the local gangs and making them over confident. He was going to make sure that this never happened again. Vincent assured Michael the families were on his side and they are looking out for him.

Michael looking to shake off the attack and burn off the adrenaline, he talked the group into heading out to the site where Cecilia was found to see if they could find any new clues. Driving to the north side of the city so late at night the group made good time and discovered the site where Cecilia’s body was found after a short search. They knew the location exactly due to the dead zone of essence and stale smelling air. They carefully walked out a circle of six feet which encapsulated the dead zone. The group then started talking about very esoteric things that could have caused the dead zone. Topics ranged from vampires to demons to blood magic and supernatural entities who could wield magic.

While the discussion was still going on Simon started looking around and reaching out for spirits in the area. After a couple of minutes he found a scared ghost of a teenager watching them through the bushes nearby. It took little effort to cajole him out and become talkative with the group. They quickly discovered his name was Kenny Brown and be had died at a Rolling Stones concert in 1973 after falling from a balcony. Simon was very curious about what Kenny had been doing over the last couple of decades and had he been active this entire time. Kenny wasn’t sure what the date was, he knew that he was comfortable and slept in his space peacefully until the water washed him out and into the world. Simon was troubled by this and asked Kenny were his space was or if he knew where he was buried. Kenny was very confident in stating that he had a nice place in St Louis cemetery number 3.

The talk went on for a while with the group asking a number of questions and Kenny answered to the best of his abilities. He knew that he could not rest since his bones are missing. He did not know about Cecilia’s killing but could feel the death when it happened which is why he hung around the area. He did not know how he could find peace again but would really like too. After an exhausting number of questions the group was satisfied with Kenny, thanked him for his help and they all decided to call it a day.

The next day each person set about their own tasks. Ethan started his own investigation into Cecilia by calling around and asking certain street personalities about her, he discovered that she was known to work at the Lion’s den club in the north side of town and was a well-liked woman with many friends and people who missed her. Everyone offered to help without prompt or payment. Ethan was surprised to find out that she was so well liked and missed.

Michael headed to his office in the morning and started going back over the case files and the original detective who worked the case. After a short investigation he found that the detective (Louis Richardson) has been missing since Katrina and is assumed to have left the city in the chaos of the storm. Michael felt uneasy about this and called in a favor to get Detective Richardson’s personal file. Discovering his home address Michael headed out and went to his home. Upon reaching his house he found that it had been damaged during the storm and has been abandoned since then as well. Noting the spray paint on the wall next to the door noting that no bodies had been discovered inside, Michael broke in and started searching the house. He found little more than mildew and ruined personal effects in the house. There was no signs of foul play or than anything other than a flood had touched the place since the detective’s departure.

Yin Yue spent the morning helping the Tian’s with the shop and as the morning slowed down she called her contact within the Twilight Order Jeremiah Block, an eccentric old fellow and bar owner. Reaching him the two traded pleasantries for a moment before Yin Yue started asking about what Jeremiah might know about dead zones in the city and if there was a connection to human sacrifices. Jeremiah was dismayed to hear that they were happening again in the city and that he did know of the two. He told her about a small cult back in the 80’s who practiced “black” magic and sacrificed people for their own gain. A coalition of forces in the city led by the Rosicrucian order fought and killed all of the members of the cult and purified the areas affected with the dead zones. Jeremiah was involved with the fight against the cult but was never included in the cleansing of the dead zones and could offer no intelligence on that subject other than it can be done. Changing subjects the two also talked about the spirit of Kenny Brown and what they could do for him. Jeremiah assured Yin Yue that his people have been working on things like this since the storm and would pay special attention to Kenny. Yin Yue also asked about the Rosicrucian order in the city to which Jeremiah had few kind words. Mostly describing them as a decadent group of wealth men with little knowledge of the real world.

WitchCraft (T&P) Session 05

In the days that followed each person worked on personal projects and jobs.

Michael decided that he was going to show up his peers at work and just to spite Walter Montes he took on a murder case with a possible serial killer. Looking through the files Michael was dismayed to find that all of the physical evidence was lost during Katrina, including all of the bodies which only two were identified. Other three were linked to the killer but never had a chance to be identified, none of the bodies at an autopsy. The cases of another seven missing persons could have ties to the killer as well. So far the known link between the victims is missing organs and a lack of blood at all sites and within the bodies. The files identified the two victims as Genie Pickwaith and Cecilia Harris, both women worked the streets and had long records of solicitation.

Michael also started asking around about the scrapyard fire and shootout. He talked to a couple of patrolmen and discovered that the fire had been started in two locations in the yard, one in the main garage and a second in the manager’s office at the back of the area. The young man who set the fires attacked the first responders with scattered and inaccurate gunfire. When the police arrived he was still firing the gun and was shot by the police officers in self-defense. Michael looked through the pictures and was shaken to find that the gun man was the same teenager he pushed in to the wards during the rescue of Britney.

Yin Yue over the days had started trading letters with Britney Wynter and after a few letters they decided that they should move away from snail mail and into the electronic method. Which led Yin Yue to the library to sign up for email for the first time, she was already known to the local librarian, a small round old woman named Linda Smith-Johns who was happy to show Yin Yue the basics of computer operations and how to sign up with a Hotmail account.

She then headed to the spice/tea shop to talk to Bao Lan Fan about the letters from Britney and her dreams. The two discussed old legends and folk lore, how to handle such creatures and how Yin Yue’s old mentor who know how to put down or banish such creatures. Cryptically Bao Lan mentioned an absolute last resort should Yin Yue need it in facing the demon. This led to Yin Yue calling Roland Wynter and telling him of his Granddaughters dreams and the possibility of the demons ties to her. They talked about protections for Britney and how to keep her safe.

Ethan spent some time in Jackson’s square performing tricks and honing his storytelling skills, every once in a while he would look in on Reverend White and ask around about him. Eventually calling Simon about magical theory and how the flow of energy in New Orleans could have been disrupted and methods of pulling off something if that caliber. Including wards and circles used to cut off energy or contain the flow of natural magic.

One late afternoon Ethan was called by Maddalyn Vogel who informed Ethan that she worked for HighWall security and that the firm had been hired by Mr. Roland Wynter to aid Ethan in finding his missing friend. With a chuckle Ethan informed her that his missing friend was the spirit of an old gambler. Without missing a beat Maddalyn confirmed that she was already aware that the missing person was a spirit and that she needed details on his family and other relations on the area. Ethan realized that he knew little of the mortal life of his friend and provided little help to Maddalyn, who told him that she would be in touch soon.

Ethan also decided to start his own legends online and went to a local internet café to find someone who could create a website for the newly created Tiger Demon Ethan had created and the hauntings/killings by the creature. Ethan met an obese man named Frank Tobias Lee who he hired as a part time web developer and together the two spent a day registering for a free site, setting up a template site and the first draft of the tiger demon story.

Simon was busy helping his neighbors remove curses, rid themselves of evil spirits and moving the restless spirits onto the next world when one of the older women who knew his grandfather mentioned that she had come across a vile area in the swamp that was full of bad juju and he should look into it and clean it of the evil there. After borrowing a boat from a friend he headed out into the swamps. After a couple of hours of following the old woman’s directions he felt confident that he had found the location she mentioned.

A near perfect circle of dead vegetation, the air smelled stale with a lingering odor of rotting flesh. The animals in the area were silent and the birds did not fly nearby. The clearing around the circle had no tracks from animals passing. After a careful investigation Simon knew he was unable to clear the area properly and headed back to the city to talk to his friends and gather resources.

The group next gathered for dinner at a local high end streak house. While there they discussed the recent events, what they all learned about the hunger demon and its possible links to Britney they ate amazing steaks and drank overpriced alcohol. Many esoteric topics were heatedly discussed and theories were thrown about. Over the course the evening Michael’s new pet project case came up and some of the details were given. Michael and Ethan talked at length over one of the missing girls that he knew named Cecilia who had a gift and was a small time talent. He knew that she had been missing for a while but didn’t know any details.

As the night came to an end they paid the bill and started heading for the door. Michael was the first one out of the restaurant with Ethan close behind him. As Michael crossed the threshold the hair on Ethan’s neck stood on end and his eye line was forced to two Asian men crossing the street looking directly at Michael with deadly intent. Ethan acting swiftly pulled Michael back into the restaurant as the two men pulled compact automatic guns from hiding and opened fired on the space Michael just occupied. The door to the steak house was a heavy wooden door and it absorbed the lion’s share of the bullets fired from the small firearms, with only a few finding their way through the small decorative window and into the restaurant. An old brown van slowed as it passed the gunmen who jumped into the open sliding door on the side and they sped away into the night before Michael could untangle himself from Ethan and look to return fire.

A few minutes of chaos erupted until Michael took charge of the scene and called the shooting in. The group stayed on the site until the other officers arrived and started taking statements and collecting evidence.

End of session five

WitchCraft (T&P) Session 04 – Part 2

Ethan spent most of his time wrangling his mothers and pulling small cons to make a few extra bucks while keeping the tourists entertained. One night Ethan got it into his head to ask around about the demons he had heard Yin Yue talking about at the scrapyard and decided to start by asking the Catholic Church about it, since they are all experts on these things. Heading into St. Louis Cathedral he was met by an old priest with thinning white hair, clear green eyes and a wide smile. Ethan wasted no time diving into his questions. Starting with demons and possession, how to remove a spirit from an area or from a person, how to help someone who is possessed and does the church still help with these issues in person, do they have someone on staff to help? Next he starting asking a lot of questions about Tiger demons and how to best protect yourself from them. Ethan was surprised to find the man horror struck and at a loss for words, the priest stuttered for a couple of moments not sure what to say to the obviously demented man before him and tried as politely but forcefully as he could to remove Ethan from the building.

Standing outside of the church unsure of where he went wrong he was approached by an elderly black man with dreaded white hair, wearing an old priests smock and collar. He introduced himself with a manic grin as the Reverend White, holy man and chosen voice of a silent people. Ethan slipped into a performance mood and launched into an epic tale of the history of Tiger demons and their ilk. He took his time and carefully crafted a story of sadness and woe. As the story grew more and more people stopped to hear the tale of the Tiger demon and Ethan’s encounter with one. At the end of the tale Ethan found himself surrounded by people all offering him tips for the amazing story. Gathering up the cash he started walking to a nearby café to get something to eat when he realized that Rev White was still following him trying to talk to him. Ducking into the café Ethan used one of his invocations to make himself invisible and dart out another exit.

After walking a couple of streets over he removed his veil and started strolling to a fast food place to pick up a bite to eat. On his way out the Rev White was waiting for him still talking as if nothing had been missed between them. Ranting currently on the darkness pressing in on the city and how agents of wickedness moved in the open now. As he fell into step with the amazed Ethan he started asking about the girls they found and if they had been given proper funeral rights or buried in hallowed ground. Ethan answered that he didn’t think so. The Rev White told Ethan next about a gathering darkness that needed the girls and how Ethan and his friends had greatly angered it. Ethan asked if the good Rev knew a way to cleanse the area where the girls’ bodies had been found, to which the excited Rev White answered that of course he did, but that he saw an Asian woman helping them and Ethan would know who to call.

Ethan at that point called the only woman he knew at the moment that could help him in a situation like this and called Yin Yue. She answered the phone on the second ring and listened as Ethan rambled in a rapid fire fashion the events of the night and about Rev White. Yin Yue agreed to help and would be ready by the time they got to her place. While Ethan explained to Yin Yue what was going on he was being led by the Rev White through alleyways and back channels until Ethan got off the phone and noticed that the Rev had walked them right to Ethan’s truck.

The pair drove in silence while on their way to get Yin Yue and after picking her up the Reverend said nothing but a casual greeting to Yin Yue as she got in the truck. The friends quietly talked about normal things while they drove. As they passed through the city the Rev would occasionally break his silence to tell Ethan which way to go or where to turn next. The next hour was spent driving around the city, not taking any one street or highway for long, until finally the Rev told Ethan to park and that they should all get out. After finding a safe place to park his truck Ethan and Yin Yue noticed that they were on the back road to the scrapyard which had now burned down and was a husk of what it once was last time they were here.

Getting the creeps Ethan was on high alert when they walked over the now broken fence and entered the yard. Looking around he noticed flickering yellow police tape attached to various slagged metal scrap piles. As they wandered around following the Reverend they took inventory and noticed that the trailer that housed the bodies was destroyed along with the warehouse/garage area they found Britney in. Little remained the same from their last visit except the stale essence and stifled flow of the natural world.

Reverend White took at long tour around the yard, walking the parameter and muttering under his breath while splashing small drops of water as he went. Once his walk was complete he asked Ethan and Yin Yue to take his hands and follow his lead. A long prayer and invocation to Jesus was given, he asked for aid in cleaning this place of the foul touch laid on “his” land, he asked that G-ds holy sight would shine on this dark place and revel the corruption, he asked that “his” servants be shown the power of the almighty.

During all of this Ethan and Yin Yue felt a growing surge of power around them. Their body hair started to rise and clean air trickled into the yard. As the invocations grew in tempo their adrenaline started pumping and a surge of power rippled through the burned out scrapyard as the three said “Amen”. And it was done, the natural flow of the world was restored to the yard and the lingering smell of old water and stale air was washed away.

Rev White was visibly exhausted at this point and asked meekly to be driven home. Ethan and Yin Yue exchanged looks and started on their way back. The drive was silent and not knowing what else to do Ethan drove back to the French Quarter, where Rev White got out and without a word started walking. The friends followed him and eventually Rev White arrived at Jacksons square, he climbed the statue, curled up under the horse and nodded off.

Ethan was very concerned with this arrangement and whispered to Rev White if he was okay. In his fatigued state all Rev White said was that it was alright and pointing to the statue of Jackson mumbled that they had an arrangement. With that he started snoring and all Ethan could think to do was place the cash he had gotten from his Tiger demon story into the jacket pocket of Rev White.

End of session 4

WitchCraft (T&P) Session 04 – Part 1

The next few days the group returned to more or less normal activities. Working, visiting with friends and family, the usual fair. During that time only a few things stood out.

Simon spent most of his time looking for his missing family and helping out with neighborhood odd jobs. On the second day of the week Simon was contacted by a woman named Maddalyn Vogel with HighWall security. She introduced herself and told Simon that the firm was hired by the Wynter family to assist with locating his missing family. She asked a number of questions about Simon and his missing relatives before giving him her number and letting him know that she would be in touch as soon as she found any information. She thanked him for his time and disconnected. The next few days were quiet for Simon as he wandered around the town. He helped a couple of ladies who heard voices of their dead loved ones and looked for his family without any new information turning up.

A few days after Maddalyn initially reached out to him she called again. This time she had new information for Simon and asked him to meet her at her office. Giving him the address of her office in the financial district of the city, Simon agreed and headed into the center of town. Getting there the building was a large corporate office structure without much personality. As he entered the building he was stopped by one of the private security guards and questioned before being allowed to head up to the higher floors. He reached the offices of HighWall Securities and was greeted by an attractive receptionist who offered him water and showed him to a conference room. Before he had a chance to get comfortable in the leather office chairs around the dark oak table Maddalyn joined him. Meeting her for the first time she was not what he expected. Maddalyn is a tall blonde very Nordic looking woman in a finely tailored suit armed with a very professional demeanor. She laid out a small stack of folders each one color coded and labeled. Next she brought out a pad of paper and a pen. She started asking Simon about his brother and told him that she had gotten back some files from the hospitals and relief stations in the area. She told him that each of the files, pointing to the stack on the table was on an unidentified person who could be a possible match for his brother and would he mind looking through them and seeing if he could identify anyone?

Opening the files Simon discovered that they contained photos and medical descriptions of men found dead after the storm. Each one of them was in bad shape and hard to look at. Simon took a little while to recover from the shock of such graphic photos, but in time he managed to get through each folder and with mixed emotions found that his brother was not in the files. His brother had not been found yet. Leaving the office and the next few days went by in a blur for Simon.

Michael over the next few days spent his time at work making moves and trying to find more information on his new companions while trying to find time to spend with his son. In finding Britney Wynter, Michael found himself shaken by the kidnapping and talked to his ex-wife about spending more time with their son. She noticed that there was something wrong and Michael was in need and allowed extra visitations. A long weekend was spent playing with his son and making trips to the toy store.

Michael also had an encounter with another detective from his district named Walter Monts who worked missing persons. He was very upset about Michael picking up the Wynter case without notifying him and he felt that Michael should stick to his own field and look into the rampant drug/gang problems in the city. Walter asked with heavy resentment if Michael didn’t have enough work and he would be happy to ask around for more vice related cases if Michel needed the help. Walter walked off thinking that he was top dog and had the last word. Michael a short while later had made up his mind to find a way to embarrass Walter the first chance he got. As he started looking into ways to do just that he came across a report with the arson until about a fire in one of the junk yards a few nights earlier that detailed a small shoot out with a teenager who set fire to the same scrap yard that Michael had just been at and rescued Britney from.

Yin Yue spent most of her time over the next few days working at the Tian’s bakery and training with her fellow Storm Dragons at the family owned and operated dojo. She also introduced Ethan to the Bao brothers who owned the dojo. Things seemed pretty calm until Ethan called looking for help with an old man.

Updates for Witchcraft sessions

The next two updates are going to be more rambling that usual. The sessions happened in between players traveling and families getting sick. We wanted to get something in but we didn’t want to advance the storyline too much or start anything new, more just to keep the game going. So the next couple of session posts for four and five will be more non-nonsensical that normal.