WitchCraft (T&P) Session 11 – Part 2

That afternoon Michael called the number Benny had provided him for Kimberly Van Buren. Answering the phone Michael introduced himself and explained that he had been given her number by their mutual friend Benny who thought she would be able to help him identify the origin of the symbols he had found. After absently mumbling agreements during the call she quickly agreed to meet with Michael at her home that afternoon. Michael jumped on his good fortune and headed to her place, which wasn’t far from where he was at the moment.

Arriving at Kimberly’s home, which is a second story two bedroom apartment, knocking on the door he was met by Kimberly, a thin, attractive blonde woman dressed in comfortable but miss matched clothes who welcomed him in. Michael found her apartment cluttered with books, which seemed to take up every available space. After entering the front door he followed her down the hallway which ran the length of her place. Passing the first bedroom on his right, a desk was the only obvious furniture, but that too like the rest of the room was covered in stacked books, all of which looked old and well-read to Michael. Continuing down the hallway he passed a small bathroom and the second bedroom, both on this right until finally entering the kitchen/living room shared space. A small round table was in the center of the tiled area that outlined the boarder of the kitchen and while surveying the rooms Kimberly started clearing off the table and two chairs for them to work. The living room shared the same space and was carpeted with a couch pressed up to the wall. All of which continued the trend of cluttered books. The one thing that stood out to Michael was the lack of a television.

Once a space was available for Michael, he and Kimberly spread out the pictures and began looking over the symbols and wards from the houses. Kimberly found a small pad of yellow paper and started taking notes on the things she found in the pictures and while she was doing this Michael explored the space he was in, finding not only the books he first noticed, but old maps, ancient looking paper encased in plastic and set into binders. Looking over the covers of some of the books he found them to be as he first thought, old, with most being bound in plain, durable covers without text. A few had bindings made from leather, wood and one of metal.

Michael’s exploration was halted when Kimberly cleared her throat and set down the pad she was holding. Michael sat back down when her and she told him that he was correct in a way with the writing on the walls, it is Aramaic, but a very old dialect that she believed to be pre-biblical and that it called on a deity that she could not at the moment translate the name of, but she was sure of these few things. Michael starting asking her about who could have done this and who would know this language. Kimberly did not know who could do this but felt that the summoning was sophisticated enough that a normal person could not do this and it could be the work of an immortal or old world g-d. She offered up the name of Franklyn Belmond who owned the Arcadian bookstore. He had helped her in the past and was very knowledgeable. This did not sit well with Michael who thanked her for her time and headed out.

Yin Yue after a long day at the bakery headed to the Tea/Spice shop to talk to Lan Fan. Entering the shop she found the store quiet and Lan reading the paper. Yin Yue wasted no time in asking Lan what she knew about the hunger demon and his interest in her, describing the demons desire to take her. Lan admitted to knowing that Yin Yue was special and that her mentor saw something in her the moment he met Yin Yue as a child, but Lan did not know the details. Yin Yue continued to ask about what options she had in bringing out the demon and destroying it. Lan told her that since they knew it wanted Britney and had ties to her already she could be used as bait or now Yin Yue could be the bait as well. Yin Yue also asked about the demon using beasts as its eyes. Lan did not think that was possible as the hunger demon was not a smart or clever creature and unless it was particularly powerful it wouldn’t have such power, they generally used their raw power to force their way into mortals and did not think to use animals. On that note Yin Yue told Lan about the Mott Street Rascals acting as its agents and how it was working through them, they both came to the same conclusion that it could be reached through the gang.

Ethan followed Chloe out of the dojo, catching up to her he asked how she was able to take down the larger woman and what that look on her face was all about. Chloe admitted at getting frustrated with the woman and using her abilities on her to confuse her long enough to get the upper hand and trip her. Laughing the two continued walking down the alleyways, Ethan told her that he would like know how to do that and offered to teach Chloe his tricks. Looking interested, Chloe found a secluded space for Ethan to show her what he could do. First Ethan made a coin appear in the air telling her that he can make small illusions, the coin twirling in the air of its own will. Chloe, while very impressed did not know how she could use that invocation to her advantage. Undeterred Ethan stopped the coin and disappeared with it, walking a couple of steps away and reappeared astonishing Chloe. Making a quiet whooping sound she agreed to teach him if he would do the same with that invocation, admitting that being able to move unseen would be a huge benefit.

Starting to walk again as they talked, they kept their voices low and discussed how they view their magic versus how “vanilla” people perceive it. They covered many topics on their way back to the French Quarter and set a couple of dates to start teaching each other. Along the way they talked about other mundane topics finally landing on Chloe’s source of income. Which she revealed current was through the selling of prescription pills, mostly painkillers. The two eventually stopped at a dealer’s house and spent a little while there getting high. Leaving the dirty little house they parted ways. Using his magic Ethan continued watching Chloe while she went about selling the pills she had on her to a few tourists and a group of college kids.

Simon spent the rest of the day walking around his usual haunts, talking to locals about the cult working in the area and what neighborhoods to watch out for. He also starting spreading around the word that he was looking for them and would reward information about the cult’s whereabouts.

After leaving Kimberly’s apartment, Michael headed to the bookstore named the Arcadian. Arriving at the old building, he found the corner shop open and first floor full of old books carefully organized on many shelves and rows. The owner greeted him offhandedly as Michael entered, the man’s eyes never left the page of the large volume his was reading. Walking up to the counter, Michael greeted the man with his name and asked the man his. The owner introduced himself as Franklyn Belmond, Michael wasted no time and began to ask him about this knowledge of old texts and languages. Franklyn was open and admitted to knowing his fair share. Michael told him that Kimberly Van Buren had told him to ask about the translations of the crime scene photos. Handing Franklyn the photos he thumbed through them and offered to help with the translations, but noted that it would take some time as the writing wasn’t totally clear and of an older style. Michael told Franklyn about the bodies and the possible cult in the city, Franklyn told Michael to call him the next day and he would rush the initial translations but should be able to provide him with something soon. Michael felling satisfied left the books store and called Kimberly.

Answering the phone, Michael started by thanking her for the contact in Franklyn and asked her about religious human sacrifices. Kimberly, who was knowledgeable about a few such groups told him about the Sumer pantheon and human sacrifice, the Peruvian native tribes sacrificing for harvest and good weather. Without catching a breath she off handed ran through Aztecs and a group in New Mexico still active in their old ways. The rumors of a cult in New York invoking death g-ds and a serial killer in Washington who eats his victims. As she paused to catch her breath Michael told her about the unsettling effects of the rituals used in the city he had encountered so far. Kimberly was unsure of that side effect of human sacrifice, but assured him that she would look into it. Thanking her, Michael got off the phone and headed home, where he drank heavily and fell asleep on his couch.

The next day Yin Yue went to work at the bakery, but was very distracted and often lose herself in thought. By that afternoon the Tian’s told her to take some time off, worried that something was wrong. Getting back to her small apartment she found her phone and texted Michael, Ethan and Simon about meeting up. She had a new idea for dealing with the demon.

Michael that morning was recovering from his hangover and went to his office to work on paperwork in a nice and quiet place. By that afternoon he started to feel like himself again and about the time he was ready for lunch a text came in from Yin Yue. Having a craving for the healing properties of gumbo he offered to meet up with everyone at his favorite place and texted the address.

A short while later when the group had gathered at the restaurant, placed lunch orders and looked to Yin Yue. Taking a deep breath Yin Yue began to explain her idea, first she explained that the Hunger demon was their main problem but she believed they could not use the nutria as they generally did not have the attention span or creative thinking needed to control animals. Yin Yue continued with her theory that the demon was using the Mott Street Rascals as servitors and through them she would tempt it out using herself as bait.

Ethan was the first to speak up asking how they would fight the beast as he was not a fighter by nature. Yin Yue told him that through her training she has ways of hurting the demon and if that is not enough they have their wands. Satisfied with her answer Ethan asked about fighting the human servants she mentioned. Yin Yue did not immediately have an answer for that and was quiet, lost in thought. Michael took the opportunity to say that he wasn’t happy with the idea and fighting the gang or the demon on its terms.

Yin Yue admitted that she did not know any other way to the creature or a better way to destroy it. She told the group that she would kill the hunger demon, break the power of the Mott Street Rascals and protect Britney. Simon for the first time chimed in agreeing that it did need to go, he would help but the logistics of the plan needed work. He would not charge in recklessly but would assist on a thought out plan. Michael’s biggest concern with the idea was that the MSR might just show up on their own and carry Yin Yue off to the demon. Leaving them without any further leads. Yin Yue stated that she was not afraid of the gang and she could ask the Bao brothers for help in fighting them.

Simon thought an ambush would provide them the best chance for success and if they could find a place to lay in wait they could minimize the risk. Ethan liked the line of logic but was very concerned with after the fight and what the gang could do to them. He brought up that if the MSR found out who they were and had any muscle left they would target softer people, namely his mothers, as they are on the streets all night without protection.

Going further down the line, Michael and Ethan started talking about disguises. Michael told Ethan that he had the right height and build to take the place of an informant of his named Jonny Reid, a known street personality who would work any angle or hustle anyone to make a buck. The pair continued to conspire about their own skills in pulling off a proper representation of Mr. Reid.

Leaving the restaurant they continued talking about a timeline for getting the MSR to where they want them. Gathering information and in a safe place Michael and Ethan got deeper into the look and mannerisms of Jonny Reid. While the pair worked on that Simon and Yin Yue talked about using a graveyard as the location for the fight and if they could arrange warding around the place to aid them. Yin Yue asked the group about contacting the Wynter family for support and after the others agreed she called Wallace about a meeting with Roland.

End of session 11.

The characters for Ghosts of Fairhope

The players will choose a character from the two teams.

Team one:
Dr. Waltz Suskie – Professor at the University of Georgia and well known Occultist.
Anne Blyth – College student at the UoG, deeply religious and innocent.
Adam Hurst – Post Grad working as a researcher for Dr. Suskie.

Team Two:
Robert Ashworth – Professor at Tulane, from England and Oxford educated.
Desmond Favreau – French author and media personality as a Psychic,
Eugene McGrath – Self-taught Occultist and researcher.

Ghosts of Fairhope

At OrcCon 2016 I will be running a one shot WitchCraft game named “Ghosts of Fairhope”. This game is set in a fictional version of Fairhope, AL in late 1982. Two teams of supernatural experts have been hired by Dr. Charles Cooper to help identify and possibly remove the spirits of the dead haunting the location.

Check out the Eden Studios site for more details on the system at their WitchCraft page and/or download the core rule book for free from Drive Thru RPG

More details soon.


Wanted to put up a final post for the year apologizing for my lack of updates. I am working on a new one shot for OrcCon in February which has been taking up more time than expected. Hopefully in the New Year I can get the WitchCraft updates flowing again and continue posting about running games for my kids and the neighborhood children that show up.

Thanks and happy New Year!

One shot game

Sorry for not posting recently, I was asked to run a single shot game by a friend a couple of weeks ago. So this has eaten up all of my time recently. I have spent the last couple of weeks working solely on a 3rd edition one shot dungeon crawl. Since I haven’t written or run anything for 3rd in a very long time it took a bunch of time re-reading rules and looking up monsters.

What I ran up creating was a Rel Astra centric adventure that took about eight hours to play through. I really want to thank the people I ran the game for, everyone was amazing!

The good news is if I cannot find the time to write up a WitchCraft one shot for OrcCon this year, I will run this but convert it to 2nd edition.

Thank you and new updates are coming soon.

WitchCraft (T&P) Session 11 – Part 1

After a good night’s sleep Michael woke up early and called Benny. They talked for a little bit about what happened the night before, after trying to describe the symbols and failing they agreed to meetup at Alice’s bakery for breakfast.

Michael was the first to arrive and greeted Yin Yue who was helping at the counter during the morning rush. Michael ordered a large coffee and a bear claw. As he was ordering Benny arrived, got into line and warmly greeted Yin Yue. After getting a large coffee and a cruller Benny and Michael sat down in the back of the bakery to talk. Sipping on the coffee and nibbling on their donuts the two men set out the pictures Michael took and looked them over.

Benny admitted after a while that he did not know what he was looking at and could not read the script in the pictures. Michael was disappointed but didn’t really expect Benny to have all of the answers. Benny went on to tell Michael about a young woman he had talked to a few times and helped with a cleansing a while back. Giving Michael the phone number for Kimberly Van Buren who Benny felt would be able to help him.

As the two men talked Yin Yue watched over them from the counter, as she served coffee and baked/fried goods to regulars. She watched as the regular patrons of the bakery started to take notice of the two men conspiring in the corner. The patrons began to gossip and create theories on the two strangers. Yin Yue smiled knowing that their wild ideas of the men did not compare to the truth.

Without noticing the people watching them, Michael and Benny continued talking. Benny told Michael all about the old church he was working on. The new owners of the property wanted the old brick church refurbished and repaired as much as possible. But the swampland had taken back the building with most of the wood being well rotten. Benny went on to tell Michael the rumors he heard about the land being haunted and when he talked to the residents in the area they had stories of an old woman walking in the swamp and about the ghost tormenting late night and early morning fishermen. Benny was currently working on removing any negative emotions that could have been left over on the land from when the church building was occupied and hunting for any remains of the rumored woman who may have died in the swamp.

Simon woke up later in the day than he had planned but was out as early as he could to patrol the neighborhood and talking to the locals. He wasn’t out long before he was approached by Martha Grant who asked about the late night howling and if Simon had any luck with finding the cause. Simon took some time explaining the events of the previous evening. He explained to her that something or someone wicked and powerful was in the area and she should avoid those neighborhoods. Marta agreed and told Simon that she had been talking to some of the others in their community about her theory that a demon had been the cause of the storm and had dredged up all kinds of evil that now plagued the city. Marta parted ways with Simon assuring him that she would continue to spread the word about the howling and demons in the city.

Simon continued his day by heading into the French Quarter and visiting the Spirit Temple Voodoo shop he had heard so much about. Entering the shop Simon immediately doubted everything he was told about this place, this clearly was a tourist trap. Everything in the shop was made in China, prefabricated, cheap junk meant to fool the masses and perpetuate all of Hollywood’s images and lies of his beliefs.

Wandering around the shop with a clear look of disgust, Simon found the woman who ran the shop. A pale woman with all of the stereotypical dressings and accessories a layman would expect. She was even wearing an old wide style of dress that reminded Simon of images he had seen of plantation slaves and spoke to the customers in the shop with an (at least to Simon) obviously fake Haitian accent. Offended and angered the woman spotted him and motioned for him to give her a moment.

As quickly as she could without losing any business she cleared the shop and closed the doors. When the deadbolt was locked, she sighed and smiled at Simon. Dropping the accent the woman introduced herself as Simone, offering her hand to Simon who introduced himself. Simone looked surprised and asked if he was or related to the “Mr. Novembre”? Simon told her that he was the grandson of him and taught by him. Looking impressed and after a quick glance around the store a little embarrassed. Simone told Simon that she had heard stories of his Grandfather growing up but never met him. She went on to explain the shop and how it was a source of income only and not meant to offend the Loa. She took Simon to the back room and showed him her alter, which looked old and well loved. She told Simon about her own background and her faith in the Loa.

Sitting comfortably in the back room Simon told Simone about the creature he and the others faced the night before and the houses with the script on the walls. Simone went to her bookshelf and after a moment found an old worn book. Setting it out for Simon he saw that it was a hand written and bound book. The page open showed a crudely drawn picture of the scene Simon found in the houses. There was no writing on the walls of the picture, but the symbols looked similar and the way the body was splayed out was the same. Simone explained to Simon that this was dark magic performed by powerful Bokor and whomever has done this should die. Simon was very troubled by all of this and after thanking her for her time the two traded numbers and Simon went on his way.

Ethan got up late in the afternoon and his first bit of business of the day was to track down Smiling Jack and purchase a good amount of “supplies” for his mothers. The two made small talk for a bit and Ethan headed home to stash his goods. Now in a good mood Ethan decided to call Chloe and see what she was up to. Answering her cell phone Chloe told Ethan about people watching and how she currently was following a very fat tourist and his family. She found this most amusing, Ethan sensing an easy mark got her location in the French Quarter out of her and while hustling there the two talked about what kind of con they could run on the tourists. Getting on the scene and spotting the man Chloe was watching Ethan launched into a sordid bit of New Orleans history. Getting off to a weak start Ethan did not hook them as deeply as he planned but the man’s wife paused. Ethan at that moment changed gears and started on a tale about voodoo in the swamps around the city and used his sleight of hand for a more vivid experience, making small objects appear at critical moments in the story. Now having the large man’s full attention Chloe moved in a lifted his wallet without anyone but Ethan spotting her. Looking to make some tips and further his own story now, Ethan changed stories once again. This time retelling the tale of the Tiger demon who prowled the streets of New Orleans. Wowing the crowd with his tales and quick hands. As he finished his third tale he placed his cap on the ground in front of him and took a deep bow.

Ethan meet back up with Chloe at a locals bar on the far north side of the French Quarter and as he pulled up a stood at the bar with her she pushed over a small wad of bills telling him that was his cut. The two made small talk for a while and eventually Ethan talked Chloe into going to the dojo for some basic training on self-defense. Taking a taxi to the other side of town they arrived at the dojo to find the Bao bothers teaching a couple of older women. Ethan smooth talked the brothers into letting Chloe join the lesson and he took up a chair in the lobby to watch. After Chloe caught up on the wrist breaks and how to maintain balance they paired up to practice what they had just learned. Chloe being much smaller than the other women had a hard time getting free and struggled. After a couple of failed attempts at getting free the woman got a confused look on her face and Chloe took her off her feet. Feeling satisfied with herself she called it a day and headed to the lobby. Finding Ethan there she winked and nodded for him to follow her.

WitchCraft (T&P) Session 10 – Part 2

The four now gathered together on the banks of the Mississippi filled each other in on what they had learned. Ethan and Michael talked about his nightmare, the dead girl and the new information on the missing girls and the dead pimp. Simon and Yin Yue talked about the screaming monster haunting the area and their investigation. Michael asked Simon if he would attempt to summon the known dead and missing girls. Simon agreed and offered his own thoughts on Kimberly and how it could have been a failed ritual, which could be the cause of the dead zones. He went on further to say that this could all be the work of the same person, which could tie into Katrina.

As night fell the group found a heavily damaged house with good cover to wait in. Listening and waiting the group spend the evening talking quietly. Waiting for whatever made the noise the local residents mentioned Michael asked the group if it could be a werewolf. Ethan was quick to shoot that idea down stating confidently that there was no such thing as werewolves. Around midnight they finally heard, far off a howling, it clearly wasn’t human. As they waited a few moments later they heard it again only closer, a pained cry from a ragged throat. Talking quickly they decided to move closer to the sound. Walking quietly along the water they stayed low and moved slowly. Hearing the cries again much closer they took up cover, looking to ambush the creature. Michael climbed to the roof of a nearby house that looked like it could hold his weight. Yin Yue, Ethan and Simon all took to the shadows and waited for the beast.

A bloated pale corpse rose from the water, scars covered much of its naked body. Wailing it charged at Simon who was closest to the water. Michael from the rooftop tried to command the creature to stop but felt his mental command wash over the beast without slowing it down. Ethan attempted to cover himself in darkness and render himself invisible but failed as the beast roared. Simon danced out of the things reach as Yin Yue swept out its legs from under it and Simon channeled his Soul Fire scorching it.

With inhuman speed and agility it regained its feet and attempted to club Simon again with its overly large fist. Simon nimbly dodged the attack allowing Yin Yue to dart in again and blew out its knee. The leg buckling out from under it and only through its incredible strength did it stayed upright. Simon using his mastery of Necromancy commanded what he assumed was the spirit within it to stop. Screaming in Simon’s face the creature stayed in place and did not attack further. Michael hopped down from the roof and quickly searched the water for more attackers. While Simon commanded it to stop yelling.

Simon attempted to talk to the creature but could get nothing more that growls and gurgling sounds from it. Simon asked it if it could understand him and for the first time it nodded. Commanding it to return from where it came the group followed it down the river, listening to the grinding sound of bone on bone as it moved. Michael asked Simon if the thing could write. Simon not being sure commanded the creature to write its name in the mud, they watched as it clawed at the mud making gashes and slashes but nothing made any sense. Commanding it to continue the beast picked back up its trail and walked south a little while longer before entering the water and sinking. Simon commanded it to return to him and finally banished the spirit from the body. The sprit rose from the body as it collapsed looking ragged and tortured barely pieced together and fled into the darkness of the night.

A silent moment passed with each member of the group collecting themselves. Ethan asked what that creature was, which prompted everyone to throw out a theory. No one had a clear idea what it was but they all came to an agreement that it was most likely a zombie. Simon pointed out that it would take a lot of power and personal strength to create such a thing. Michael got back into detective mode and told the rest of the group to fan out and start looking for where it could have come from.

Ethen, Yin Yue, Michael and Simon all headed in different directions, after a short search nothing solid was found. Simon reached out with his spiritual senses and found a spirit lingering the area. The spirit was an elderly man in a faded jacket, slacks and hat. His cheeks sagging and puffed from a life time of trumpet playing. As Simon approached the spirit the man took notice of him and smiled, waving to him and floating towards Simon to meet him on the road. After a quick greeting and introduction Simon asked the spirit about the neighborhood and if he had seen anything out of the ordinary. The old jazz man was happy to offer up information and talk with Simon. The spirit told Simon all about changes recently to the area and how it was nearly devoid of human life since the storm. The one thing he felt Simon wanted to know was about the white men who had been in the area over the last couple of weeks. Lurking at night and moving around the houses. Simon politely asked the spirit if he would show him where the men had been and of they were still around. The spirit did not know if they were around at the moment, but he was happy to show Simon what houses that they had taken up in.

Simon was quick to call the rest of the group over to him and explain what he had found. Once gathered and introduced to the spirit they all followed him to a heavily damaged house that looked as if the roof was held on by a single nail, the walls sagged; the whole building was off the foundation and sinking into the mud. Ethan was quick to use his invocation and disappear from sight. Ethan boldly walked up to the front door, which was held up by the top hinge only, opening the door and heading in as he crossed the threshold his body was wracked with pain and he fell heavily backwards to the ground.

Crying out in pain and becoming visible to the others, Simon was quick to pull Ethan from the doorway and look him over. Michael poked his head into the house and found that the frame of the doorway had markings and words etched into the wood. Seeing that where Ethan had stepped scuffed the markings on the floor, the group agreed that it should be safe now.

Getting into the house the main room was cleared of all furnishings, carpets and debris. The windows had been boarded up and closed off, no natural light entered the room. Turning on their flashlights the party saw that the walls had been freshly painted white, in black paint Aramaic script covered the walls, ceiling and floor. Symbols on the floor made out geometric patterns and guided the group to the center of the room. No one in the group could read what was written and Michael carefully took pictures and documented all of the symbols. The rest of the house was in shambles, with the items removed from the main entry room having been discarded in the other rooms. The back door too had the same etchings on the frame, the group left the house through the front door and talked about what to do next.

Simon was the first to give a solution, which was to burn the house down and leave the area. Ethan wanted to wait for the people to come back and ambush them, Michael was in agreement. Simon was worried that whomever made the creature and the symbols in the house was too powerful for them to attack and survive. Yin Yue remained silent during the talk, deep in thought. Michael called Benny asking him about warding and how they worked. Benny did not have any expertise on the subject, but offered his theories. He was certain that setting off the wards on the door would notify the creator of them.

Deciding to check out the other house the spirit showed them, they carefully looked over the doorway and Michael threw a chunk of concreate through the door setting off a ward. Pushing the rest of the door open they were assaulted by a terrible stench and backed out. After retreating outside they used their flashlights to peer into the house finding the same symbols and writing in the room. The smell came from a body in the center of the room, which looked like it was being put back together as the stitching looked like it was healing. Heading back into the house they found it nearly identical to the neighboring house.

Heading back outside Simon talked the others into gathering materials and scrap. After making large piles at each house they set it all on fire, once they knew it was burning they ran back to their cars, as they drove out of the area they yelled fire from their moving cars and headed home.

End of session 10.

WitchCraft (T&P) Session 10 – Part 1

Friday morning Michael had planned out a nice day off, doing as little as possible, unless it involved watching a sporting event of some kind and booze. As he stepped out his front door and finally decided on which po’boy place he was going to stop for lunch at, his phone rang. Sensing that he day was about to be upset he sighed and answered the phone. Michael’s ex-wife was on the other end, she had been called into work (she is a nurse) unexpectedly and needed Michael to take their son for the night. Smiling at the unexpected visit with his son he agreed and headed over to his son’s school to pick him up and surprise him.

Picking his son up at kindergarten the pair headed out to the park were they explored the wooded areas, played with sailboats in the pond and climbed on every inch of the jungle gyms. When Michael’s son found a new play mate and ran to the slides with him, Michael decided to take a break and make a phone call. Talking to Benny for the first time in a while they made small talk and Benny told Michael about the abandoned church he was working on. He was called out after a local thought he saw a ghost of an elderly woman. Benny had spent the last couple of days cleansing the building and the grounds. As the day came to a close Michael took his son out to dinner at a pizza place before heading home and going to bed early, his young son worn out from a long day of play.

Ethan and Yin Yue met up at the dojo and spent the afternoon training. After they were done Ethan asking Yin Yue about her order (the Storm Dragons) and the martial arts she practiced. Yin Yue was open as always and talked candidly about it. Ethan starting asking more directly about her art and if it would or could help enhance his own innate abilities. For the first time he shared with her his ability to control and manipulate objects with his mind. While Yin Yue was very impressed with this, she did not see a way for the Tao Chi she used to assist Ethan with this ability and as far as she could tell it did not improve her ability to communicate with the dead. Crestfallen with her answers Ethan asked Yin Yue not to tell anyone about his psychic ability. Telling her that he was afraid it could be used against him and that secrets carried power.

Simon spent the day walking around town and talking to the other members of his own community. He helped anyone who needed it and continued to honor his grandfather memory, while spreading the will of the Loa.

That night as Michael lay in bed he was woken by the soft, touch of a woman caressing his back. Knowing he fell asleep alone that night, he rolled from his bed and spun on the intruder. Turning around he was shocked into inaction by the woman standing before him. She was wrapped in a tattered, blood stained sheet. The bottom half of her face was in ruins, her lower jaw was missing and her throat was open. As his stomach rolled he noticed her tongue was missing and the ragged edges of the wound on her throat had started to rot. The smell hit him next and caused him to stumble backwards, as he moved back a gurgling sound escaped the woman’s throat opening and she flung something at Michael.

Michael lunged upright in bed, sucking in a deep breath trying to shake off the dream. As he cleared his eyes of sleep he found his son staring at him from the side of the bed, standing as still as a board. Looking at his son the boy said “I had a bad dream too dad.” Michael falling back into dad mode asked his son what his dream was about, to which his son asked “How can you fight Venom without Spiderman?” taking a deep breath and thinking carefully back to his own childhood Michael answered “I think Reid Richards has a sonic gun that can hurt Venom.” Seemingly satisfied with that answer the boy started to climb into bed but then stopped, a very serious look came over him and he said to Michael “I would just call Batman.” Michael pulled his son up and into bed, as he moved he felt something stuck to the small of his back. Getting his son comfortable and after waiting for him to fall asleep, Michael crept carefully out of bed and into the bathroom. Turning the light on and reaching to his back he peeled off whatever was stuck there. Looking at the object in the light he found that it was a blood stained Louisiana driver’s license, which belonged to the woman in his nightmare named Kimberly Jackson. Getting sandwich bag from his kitchen he tucked away the license and then took a long shower before headed back to bed. Snuggling up with this son Michael did not go back to sleep but instead spent the night thinking about his dream, Kimberly and the case.

In the morning, as soon as Michael felt it was appropriate he called Benny. Michael told Benny about his possible haunting and if he could come by and cleanse his house. Benny agreed but warned Michael that if he was haunted that a cleansing wouldn’t solve his problem. Michael assured Benny that he was working on that as well. Hanging up with Benny Michael immediately called Ethan, it rang for a long time before a still sleeping sounding Ethan answered the phone. Shaking off the sleep, Ethan struggled to understand what Michael was telling him. Finally getting Ethan coherent enough to talk about what happened to Michael the night before, Ethan assured Michael that he would look into the girl and see if she was a working girl, getting all of the details from the license and a description they hung up. Not long after Michael had gotten back from getting his son to school than did Benny showed up at his house with all of his tools. Getting underway on cleansing the house, again Benny mentioned that this would not stop a ghost from coming in and that Michael really should contact Simon about helping the ghost move on.

After her normal morning in the bakery Yin Yue headed to the spice and tea shop to talk to Bao Lan Fan. Getting into the shop there was an elderly woman in a hushed conversation with Lan Fan. Waiting in the front of the shop for the women to finish their discussion, Yin Yue perused the goods from her homeland. Once the woman left the shop with a basket full of small packages, Yin Yue approached Lan Fan bowing and asking if she had time to talk. Lan Fan smiled at the young woman and reassured her that she had the time. Yin Yue started by asking about the last time they talked and the “last resort” Lan Fan had mentioned. Lan Fan’s expression became grave and she told Yin Yue that who she mentioned was a very honorable man but that he is very dangerous. Lan Fan would give Yin Yue his information if she wanted it but that it should be used carefully. Yin Yue admitted that she was very worried about Britney Wynter and was not confident that she was really protected, even with all of the hired soldiers at her house. Yin Yue asked if Lan Fan knew a way to draw out the demon which the elderly woman told her she did not know a sure way to do that other than using Britney as bait. Yin Yue left the shop feeling as unsure of her next actions as she did when she arrived.

This new day like so many others found Simon walking around this neighborhood. As Simon walked along the banks of the Mississippi he was greeted by a middle aged woman who introduced herself as Marta Grant, she told him that she knew his grandfather, rest his soul and was hopeful that Simon truly followed his grandfather’s path as she had heard. Assuring her that he was happy to help her, he asked what it was he could do for her. She described for him a terrible wailing at night along the banks of the river they stood on. She told him it started three nights earlier and continued each night. Something out of nightmares was now walking and haunting her neighborhood. He got as many details as she was able to give him and with that Simon headed south to where she told him the howling was coming from.

Asking around he found a few other locals who would talk to him and they too told him of monsters coming out at night. Gathering more details Simon headed into a nearly abandoned section of the ward where the local residents all said the monsters came from. Calling Yin Yue and meeting up with her, Simon filled her in on what he was looking into and asked her for her help. Agreeing they continued to explore the area, finding the badly damaged homes all abandoned and rotting. Finding barefoot tracks in the mud along the lower banks of the river, they followed the trail to the south until they lost it in the water.

Michael that afternoon headed into his office and began looking up who Kimberly Jackson was. He found in short order that she had a short rap sheet with two solicitation charges that she was fined $500 each and a third charge for solicitation she did 30 days in local jail. Continuing his search he found that a missing person report was also filled out for her from her mother a few days after her release from jail. Finally he found her last known address as a cheap motel on the north side of town.

Ethan spent the early afternoon waking up working girls and asking around for Kimberly Jackson. It didn’t take him long to meet a couple of ladies who knew Kimberly and her pimp. Spending a small amount of money he got her address and the name of her pimp. A small but dangerous man named Rocky Reed. Heading to the motel he was told Rocky ran girls out of Ethan was met by Michael who told him that he found the motel as Kimberly’s last known address.

The duo explored the motel which was damaged and obviously abandoned. Finding only a handful of squatters in the building, they started walking the neighborhood talking. Michael shared his theory that the missing girls could have all been gifted and the killer could be targeting them. The two continued talking about the dead zones and the dead gifted girls being tied to them.

As they walked the neighborhood they found the area particularly bad off with working girls on many corners. Talking and bribing the ladies for information they found out that Kimberly did work for Rocky and was his top girl. She had a good clientele base of wealth white men who paid her very well, but she burned through money quickly due to a growing pill addiction. They also learned that her pimp was dead, killed in what was rumored to be a gang fight. Pressing their luck further they found out about another missing girl named Pearl Allen who worked with Kimberly and disappeared around the same time. It wasn’t long after the two girls went missing that Rocky died and the rest of the girls moved on. Michael mentioned to Ethan that he had a file on Pearl as a possible connected murder to the case.

Spending more money Michael and Ethan found that another girl had recently gone missing. She was a young lady named Rosie who worked off Craigslist ads, she didn’t work the streets like these girls. Heading back to the motel and Michael’s car, the two talked about contacting the ghost of the missing girls and how to do it. Ethan offered to teach Michael how to communicate with the dead, but he politely declined. Instead mentioned getting Simon involved and asking him to use his abilities to find the spirits. Calling Simon, Michael got his location and the two drove to the other side of town.

WitchCraft (T&P) Session 09

The next day Yin Yue was up early and working at the bakery. After the busy morning helping the Tian’s she went to her apartment above the bakery and called Jeremiah Block at his bar. Answering with a very groggy voice Yin Yue apologized for waking him up and after being reassured that is was alright, Yin Yue started telling Jeremiah about the plague graves in the McDonoghville Cemetery. She described in morbid detail the chaotic swarm of restless souls trapped in the pits. Jeremiah for his part listened quietly and when Yin Yue was done he told her the history of plagues in the city, he told her about the yellow fever that would sweep through the city every year and kill many of the cities inhabitants. He talked further about the old coalition of occult societies who would work together to create great wards to keep the tormented masses at bay. After Jeremiah told his story he assured Yin Yue that although the old alliances have broken up, he would do what he could to repair the wards she found.

Michael that same morning headed into work and checked in with his captain, gave him an update on his cases while getting any new updates on his active case load. After taking care of that he headed to the parish morgue to talk to the cornier. Michael was made to wait a while for the doctor. When they finally did meet Michael tried to persuade and bribe the man to move his case up and get to the autopsies he was waiting on. For the second day in a row Michael failed to get his way and motivate the person he was talking to. Michael made such a mess of the meeting that he was sure that his cases had been moved down the list. He left the morgue defeated.

Simon got up late in the morning and walked to a local shop on the southern end of town. Getting to the familiar shop he was greeted warmly and made small talk with the shop owner. Simon purchased a live chicken, a few cigars and bourbon, once he had the items he called a cab to get him home. Once home he spent the day in prayer and ritual to the Loa, thanking them for their help and the power he possessed. During his prayers he was blessed with a vision of an old iron willow tree, its great branches sagging, the iron turning green with age, the symbol of Willow Grove and knew the Loa wanted him to contact the Wynter family.

Later in the day Yin Yue went to the Bao brother’s dojo to train and workout. When she arrived a group of elderly men and women hung around the sidewalk and alleyway around the building, laughing and talking about all of the silly white women trying to learn Kung Fu and how crazy they all looked. Socializing with some of the members of the crowd Yin Yue heard an amazing, if not embellished recap of the events at the dojo the day before. She heard all about a group of overly dressed women who must have thought they were going to a posh gym but instead found themselves in the humble dojo of the Bao’s. They made a very comical site the lot of the falling over themselves and unable to stand still for longer than a moment. As the crowd laugh and offered up their favorite moments Yin Yue got a call from Ethan. Answering Ethan asked if they could meet up and talk. Yin Yue agreed offering up that she was at the dojo. Ethan told her he was already on his way there.

Arriving at the dojo Ethan was met by the same laughing crowd that Yin Yue passed through. By the time Ethan got into the dojo he was very worked up and in a terrible mood. When Yin Yue approached him, he was obviously angry at something. She asked about his change in mood from when they talked, which triggered an outburst about the crowd outside laughing at him as he entered the dojo, making fun of him and his lack of skill. Understanding the cause of his anger, Yin Yue translated the voices of the crowd and told him about the source of their laughter. Knowing now what the people outside found so funny Ethan calmed down a bit but was still upset. The two new friends spent a long while discussing family, their own similar backgrounds and fighting for your own.

While the pair trained they started talking about the dojo and if Ethan kept bringing his mother’s around how it just might drive up business for the place. Ethan decided that bringing this mothers would help them learn to defend themselves and help the Bao brothers which made him happy. As the day continued they talked about the demon and what they could do to fight it or if they could at all. Not having any solid answers they spent the rest of the time training in silence.

Michael spend most of the day working and maintaining his street level contacts, making sure he was seen. During the day he contacted an underground firearms dealer he knew and picked up another 9mm gun without a serial number that he could use as a burner or throw away. He lost his last one with his encounter with the demon possessing Ben Hao’s body.

The next day Simon was up early and set about the business of the day. He started by calling Ethan, Yin Yue and Michael about his vision and going to Willow Grove. They all agreed to meetup at a coffee shop in the early afternoon. Arriving there they all talked about Simon’s vision, which lead to Michael asking about Voodoo and Simon’s ties to his g-ds. A discussion broke out and many views, theories and opinions were shared. Simon talked at length on the history of his religion, the African past, slavery and Catholicism. Michael had many questions about the Loa and the granted powers Simon possessed through them. At the end of the meeting Michael called Roland, Wallace answered and told him that Roland was in a meeting and could not be interrupted but that their package was waiting for them.

Driving to Willow Grove Ethan, Simon and Yin Yue drove together, while Michael rode alone. Getting to Willow Grove they found the estate had transformed since the last time they were there. The front gate had been reinforced, a guard booth was setup along with improvements to the fence around the property. Driving up the gate a guard exited the booth and greeted them. Saying their names and that Mr. Wynter had a package for them, the guard called in their names and after a moment opened the gate for them and allowed them in. Driving up to the house they noticed a large number of men openly carrying rifles walking the grounds in pairs. The open lot in front of the house also had a few new sedans parked in it each with heavily tinted windows. As they parked a pair of patrolling armed men watched them carefully, which prompted Ethan to tell them they should shoot and kill any nutria they see. Giving Ethan an odd look they assured him that they would and continued on their way.

Walking up to the house they were greeted by a tall, very attractive young woman who introduced herself with a smile as Velma Olafsdotter. The group introduced themselves and Michael began flirting with Velma. Walking the group up to the house she brought them in and to the sitting room in the front of the house they originally met in a short while ago. As they got comfortable she left for a moment and came back with a small, plain wooden box. Setting the box down on the table in front of them, she opened it to revel four thin, bone wands with a clear crystal affixed to the point with copper wire. Simon, Ethan, Michael and Yin Yue each took one and could feel a power humming within them. Ethan was the first to ask about the item and its use. Velma happily answered their questions telling them that they are but a single use item that will release pure energy as soon as the wielder desires it to do so at whatever they are pointing the end at. Warning them to be careful with the items. Ethan joked with Michael about testing them out in the swamp.

After leaving Willow Grove the group headed to a toy store for Yin Yue to buy a model of a motorcycle, a Harley Davidson, then they headed to St. Louis cemetery number 3. They walked around for a while before Yin Yue found the grave of Kenny Brown. She took some time to clear off the markers for his space and left the toy for him. Michael asked Yin Yue about the toy and the grave. Yin Yue told him that everyone deserves to be remembered and he was a child when he died and might like the toy. Ethan meanwhile took time to look for the grave of his missing friend John Duvall but came back without finding it.

After leaving the cemetery everyone went about their usual business. Simon headed back to the house he was squatting in, Yin Yue to her apartment and Ethan headed into the French quarter. Michael headed home and started looking into the security company Roland Wynter hired named HighWall security. After finding their corporate webpage he combed through the company directory until he found the listing for Velma Olafsdotter, which gave a contact phone, email and listed her home office as New Orleans. He decided that it would be a good idea to send flowers to her at the office listed for her.

End of session 9.

WitchCraft (T&P) Session 08 – Part 2

Getting back into town Simon was the first to break away and setup a new ritual. Summoning the spirit of Ben Hoa once he was back in his own home. Reaching out to the soul he pulled him from the limbo that the spirit was trapped in. Arriving before Simon, Ben was shaken and terrified, he immediately launched into a series of questions and meekly wanted answers. It took Simon a few minutes to calm the spirit enough to explain that he was dead and had been evicted from his body by a demon, but that Simon was there to help him transition. After strewing on the new information for a little while Ben thanked Simon and asked that he help with his ex-wife and to give her all of his paperwork, like his will, the deed to his house and access to his banking.

Michael after getting back to town headed to the city clerk’s office with Ethan and while Michael headed into the office to pull records, Ethan waited outside and performed small tricks for the citizens visiting. Michael pulled city maintenance plans and budgets for the year and started on paperwork. Talking to the city’s head clerk and trying to be persuasive to get the clerk to assist with the graveyard restoration projects moved ahead, but without luck. Ethan outside gained the attention of the police officers on site who watched for any panhandling or scamming. Ethan kept it clean and eventually started winning the officers over. Michael left the city defeated, got Ethan and the pair headed home.

Yin Yue headed to the homes of Meredith and Anne Marie. Getting to their homes she found the ladies at Ann Marie’s house organizing her books. Yin Yue was elated to find out that their church had stepped up and setup new bookcases. Talking to the elderly ladies Yin Yue found out that a local handyman was coming out the next day to replace the windows, all on the church’s dime. Spending the rest of the day with the ladies cleaning up the house, organizing and talking about New Orleans in the old days. Yin Yue waited around until nightfall to see if the ghost of Hannah would show up. Yin Yue waited until after midnight before leaving Anne Marie’s house and heading into the graveyard.

Walking into the graveyard Yin Yue was met with a lot of restless spirits and helpless ghosts wandering aimlessly. Looking for information she found a tall, lean man in a blue frock coat with brass buttons and a tricorne hat. Approaching the man she called out to him, looking down his nose at her, he answered her calls with a look of disgust. Ignoring the look he gave her, she asked him about all of the activity in the graveyard and his name. After insulting her race and gender, he told her his name was Johnathan Haring, mentioning that this was no place for a delicate woman, he mentioned that if she was looking for answers she should head over the hill to the poorer section of the burial grounds.

Taking his advice and heading over the small hill she found that the grounds below her looked as if the old mass graves of plague victims stood open with an uncountable number of people in motion. Each pressing against the walls of the pit and reaching out for a handhold before moving away and looking for another spot to claw out of the pit. All of the people yelling and moaning in silence. It took Yin Yue a moment to realize that she was seeing into the dead realms and that in the physical world the pit was closed and lined with stones. Looking closer at the stones she found them carefully etched with symbols, warding the gravesite and keeping the restless spirits at bay. Walking deeper into this area of the graveyard she found another large mass grave with a swarm of chaotic spirits looking for an exit. The wards on this site look older and damaged.

Leaving the cemetery at this point she headed home on the most direct route possible. Getting to her small apartment she brewed a pot of herbal tea that she knew would help her sleep. Getting comfortable in bed she attempted to sleep, but each time she nodded off visions of the dead in the pits filled her again and woke her back up. The night went by slowly and painfully.

In the morning Simon was up early and summoned Ben to him again. Calling a cab and heading to Ben’s small apartment, he found the spare key, once inside followed Ben’s instructions and gathered his personal effects, papers and valuables. Stowing the items away he called another cab and headed to Ben’s ex-wife’s house. Before knocking on the door Simon asked Ben about his kids and where they would be now. After being reassured that the children were at school, Simon knocked on the door. A moment later Ben’s ex-wife answered. Simon summoned all of his charm and as carefully as he could explained to her that Ben had died the day before and that he was there to assist her in anyway and to help Ben pass over.

Handing her the backpack with all of Ben’s valuables and assuring her that he wanted no payment or in fact anything from her, he only wanted to assist the family. He was cautiously welcomed in, Simon found the house warm and comfortable. Sitting with her with a cup of coffee, Simon translated all of the answers Ben provided as his ex-wife asked question after question. In a short amount of time she believed him and warmed up. Simon told her as much as he could about the events that led to Ben’s death and that the police had his body. Talking with her about Ben’s spirit and how he should pass over soon. Simon gave her his phone number, telling her to call with any questions or if she needed anything. With that he left.

In the early afternoon Ethan woke up his mothers and gathered them in his house. This was much earlier than any of them wanted to get up and they all told him over and over again about this. Eventually Ethan managed to get them all into a van and down to the dojo that Yin Yue introduced him to. There is a sign in Chinese that Ethan noticed on the front of the place, but he never asked what it said. Arriving at the dojo Ethan again herded his mothers in and explained to them that the city was getting more dangerous and a killer was on the loose who was targeting women just like them. They relented at this and allowed the Bao brothers to teach them the very, very basic points of self-defense and balance. By the time Ethan and his moms left the dojo a crowd of locals had gathered and were excitedly talking about all of the silly white ladies.

Getting home Ethan asked his mother about their abilities and if any of them had any success in using them since the storm. Acknowledging that they no longer had use of their skills, the point of the killer started to sink in and the room grew quiet. One of Ethan’s mother’s pointed out that Chloe who was back in the area was still able to use her gifts. It was at this point that Chloe mentioned that she had joined them when they got home and was able to use her gifts still. Approaching Ethan she handed him a pencil drawing of himself being stern to a room full of women. Smiling at Ethan and touching his face she said that they should get together soon and catch up, then headed out.

Michael was up with the sun and as soon as he felt capable he headed to St Louis cathedral and made a confession. After getting his absolution and completing his penance, Michael called Roland Wynter. The two talked about the previous day’s events and the hunger demon. Describing the creature, how it took over Ben and its desire to marry his granddaughter Britney. Roland was very disturbed by all of this and inquired about how Michael could fight the creature. They talked at length about what Michael had learned about the group’s abilities. Roland told Michael about how he could help and that he would get “tools” for them ready, but it would take a couple of days.

After that call Michael was called by Simon wanting to know about Ben’s body, who it would be handled and who would call his family. After answering the questions Michael wanted to know if Simon knew of a way to fight and kill the demon. Not having any definitive answers, Michael told him about his call to Roland and that they should pick up the “tools” in a couple of days.

Yin Yue despite having very little sleep was up before the sun and down in the shop working away with the Tian’s. It came as a relief, having the work as a distraction. In the late afternoon when the work in the bakery was done and the shop cleaned and the place was closed Yin Yue called Roland Wynter. She discussed the same things as Michael with Roland and after telling her part in the events in the swamp, Roland offered her the same “tools” as Michael and the thanked her for looking out for his family.

End of session 8